Saturday, March 3, 2018

The Talion Tale - Book Review

The Talion Tale
By Rahul Apte
Review By Ila Garg

‘The Talion Tale’, a novel by Rahul Apte, is published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. The cover at once makes it look like a book on terrorism or Jihaad or something on those lines. With a man looking like a terrorist in a gun radar, the book has a very apt cover.

In author’s own words: “Just when Lieutenant Jamshed Hyatt Khan, lovingly called Jimmy, begins to feel that he can leave his tormented past behind and acquire some semblance of normalcy; a demonic machination of fate throws his life into irrevocable chaos. The heinous terror attack of 26/11 bereaves him of the love of his life and his family.”

As a result of the loss of his family, the angry soldier does something that he shouldn’t have. He ends up venting his anger on a terrorist sympathiser in Kashmir, where he was posted. This in turns, makes him a pariah in the eyes of the Indian Army and thus activating RAW towards him.

Now, this soldier has no reason left to live on so RAW easily convinces him to undertake a covert surgical strike deep inside Pakistan. He is enraged but decides to do it anyway as that seems like the only way to secure justice after the terror attack of 26/11. Driven by his coldblooded revenge, Lieutenant Jamshed Hyatt Khan, goes on the covert mission to secure justice for his nation. But will he succeed? ‘The Talion Tale’ is thus a novel laced with a grave sense of loss and vengeance.

This 410-page book is a quick read. It’s compelling and captivating.

Ratings: 4.5/5

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