Thursday, November 30, 2017

Winter Is Here: Shea Butter Care!

Hello lovelies,

Since winter is here, I was looking for some winter skin care and luckily I found something that was not only economical but also effective.

This yellow 100% pure raw African Shea Butter is great for daily use during winters. It can be used in multiple ways for hair, skin and nails. Basically it’s a skin moisturizer and helps to renew the skin texture and it also works wonders with skin inflammation. Many times, people use shea butter for preparing soaps, lotions, creams, body butters, lip balms, deodorants, hair conditioners, etc. as shea butter has natural antioxidants—vitamin A and E, which are good for skin and hair.

This organic shea butter is so good that my chapped lips turned soft and smooth in just 2 days of using it. Though it can be used anytime of the day, I prefer to use it as my night care cream. Also, the best part is people with oily skin can also use it without any worry. In fact, it helps to reduce the acne marks and doesn’t cause them. The skin doesn’t feel oily even after its application, provided you use it a small quantity. Ideally, you should take a quantity smaller than a pea in your palm. As it is thick, you need to rub it in your palms first and then spread it on the face once it melts.

Shea butter also helps to reduce stretch marks by keeping the skin nourished. So it can be used from head to toe for a healthy, lively skin. It is great for baby care as well. It can be mixed with coconut oil and used for massage of the toddlers. When used as a hair conditioner, it can help prevent breakage and hair fall, therefore giving you thicker and lustrous hair.

Next, I looked for a hygiene based product since most of the time, we are outside our homes and that’s where so many germs exist and we tend to fall ill as not all the time, we can wash our hands. So while there are other reputed companies which are doing well in the sanitizer-market, but this one sanitizer—Kleanse Instant Hand Sanitizer, drew my attention. It looks so cute and comes in different fragrances, so you can take your pick easily ( It has vitamin E granules too to ensure that your skin is not harmed in any way. It claims to kill 99% of germs too.

It comes with a cute holder with adjustable strap so that you can attach it on your travelling bag and use it anytime anywhere. The container is leek-proof so you don’t have to worry about a thing and can flaunt it all the time.

So enjoy the winters without having to worry about your skin or hygiene! If you come across any such nice and wonderful products, do leave a mail to me at


  1. It was terribly helpful on behalf of me. Keep sharing such ideas within the future similarly. This was truly what i used to be longing for, and that i am glad to came here! Thanks for sharing the such data with USA.

  2. Awesome work.Just wished to drop a comment and say i'm new your journal and adore what i'm reading.Thanks for the share