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The Writer's Bloom - Book Review

The Writer's Bloom by [Neha Katyal]

The Writer’s Bloom
By Neha Katyal
Review By Ila Garg

The Writer’s Bloom, a novel by Neha Katyal, is published in Kindle edition. The cover is quite a sight. The blend of colours is attractive. The night glittery sky is amazing! I loved the colours and the concept. A writer is blooming from within the flower in a free flow. One of the best covers I have seen lately…

Neha Katyal is a simple girl from New Delhi, India. A researcher at mind and a writer at heart, she is an author of two technical blogs and a sci-fi cum an inspirational fiction novel - 'The Writer's Bloom', that is to be released in July, 2017. Her passion is to spread inspiration and positivity amongst masses through her writings and build a technology that'll have an impact on people worldwide. She has already headed towards fulfilling the first one.

The blurb reads as, “Ever pondered, what will happen if your life starts all over again from a random point and you have no idea what was happening in it before that?
Well, this is exactly what happened with the members of 'The Writer's Bloom', as they enter their parallel world to explore the hitherto unknown.
"Isn't it tough to face life, I mean living with such innocence.” he asked
"Isn't it tough to FACE life when you just need to LIVE it." she replied.
This is Saanvi, a 27 year old, passionate and endearing ingénue, who was living a simple life until she enters 'The Writer's Bloom'.
'The Writer's Bloom' is a talent extravaganza showcasing a writing reality competition for the first time in New York. But, the extravaganza ain't any normal reality competition.
Dr Rodger Anderson, an eminent scientist and writer launches the show to solve the biggest question on earth - 'How to live?' And the hunt ain't a normal one too, but a hunt in parallel worlds, through a mechanism invented by him.
Saanvi along with fifteen other participants sets out on an audacious hunt to the unknown and what she discovers besides how she discovers is amazingly unimaginable.
Through mind-boggling hints to solve the hunt to unpredictable events in the replica world, through unavoidable indignation amongst a few participants to soul connections between a few, the story will take you within; to explore the hidden treasures, waiting to come out, waiting to live.
Combining adventure, love and mystery, this is a magical piece of self-discovery, of how far you can go to find the meaning of your life.
So, fill up your coffee mugs and be ready for a roller coaster ride of emotions, adventure, mystery and most importantly wisdom and an inspiration to follow your dreams.

The story is a mix of sci-fi and reality. The main plot revolves around the protagonist Saanvi. She participates in a writing extravaganza as she is quite passionate about writing. This is an initiative by a renowned scientist and author who seeks answers to his moral questions about life. In the process of writing for this extravaganza, Saanvi finds her own virtue. The descriptions of a parallel world and the occurrences there, add to the thrill of the story.

The language is simple and easy to comprehend. The story is engrossing. However, the characterisation falls flat with no descriptions. The readers will find it difficult to connect with any character because of the missing descriptions. The 199-page book has a fragmented narrative, which makes the reading experience a little challenging and stressful. You would end up skipping most of the story towards the end. Another thing that alarmed me was that author has given the complete story in the book blurb, so nothing remains unpredictable.

Despite the abrupt writing style and a lot of grammatical errors, I do recommend the book for the unique plot. Also, it's her debut book, so I overlooked a lot of mistakes.

Ratings: 2.5/5

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