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Spirit Flows Power Glows - Book Review

Spirit Flows Power Glows
By Keerthi Singhe
Review By Ila Garg

Spirit Flows Power Glows, a novel by Keerthi Singhe, is published by Notion Press. The cover is quite simple, with no illustrations, nothing. It’s just shades of saffron. The sub-title—Success starts in your heart—is so eye-catchy and relatable. So is this a book on success mantra then? Or a self-help sort of guide? Let’s look at the author’s bio and blurb before we venture further.

Keerthi Singhe, Sri Lankan in origin, based out in India, is an entrepreneur, speaker, politician and TV presenter. He possesses sound knowledge of Buddhist philosophy and is a great man of God.
At the age of eight, he lost his pillar, his father, and struggled a lot, facing numerous challenges in life. While amidst many difficulties, he entered the University of Colombo, and graduated as a Bachelor of Laws, and in 2000, he acquired the professional qualifications of a lawyer. During his childhood, in school, he revealed his inborn talent for poetry, (the first copy of his poetry book was presented to the then president of Sri Lanka) sports and debates. Due to the few facilities he had, he could not reach the expected levels. He lost myriad opportunities in life.
He failed many times in life; sometimes he was blessed with all the luxuries and at other times, he had to settle with the basics.
When he was in office as a member of the provincial council from 2004-2008, he was very regular and a famous face in TV debates. In his early thirties, he became a rupee multi-millionaire and then again, lost everything he had.
He is unstoppable, and he is still on his quest.
In his early forties, he discovered his purpose in life, and mastered his self-values. This book is a trademark of his amazing spirit and he is working on his second manuscript already. His dream is to complete all the tasks he began in every area of life and to unleash his talents for the betterment of society.

The blurb reads as, “This dreamer came from a middle class family. One time, as a politician walking through a rain of live bullets, he witnessed the miracles that saved his life without him suffering even a minor injury.
The second time, his creative intelligence urged him to distance himself from politics, and prevented his death from a possible bomb blast that killed almost all his fellow members and stalwarts of the party who had gathered for that particular ceremony. When he was in jail, his huge victory was declared, and after struggling with so many failures, he tasted the power of money and embraced a luxurious life style. Once he was tormented, when he lost his most beloved romance. Failure was cruel and years of his life were taken away.
Images of success were imprinted in his mind clearly, but whenever he failed, he bounced back enthusiastically. While walking to school without proper conveyance, and his dreams walked towards success, he proved how powerful the human spirit is. When he lost crores of money and all the material rewards, turning penniless and powerless, he still had the guts to visualize his abundance with no regrets. Chapters run with true life stories that the author experienced without any exaggerations. In order to illustrate some arts of success, he has beautifully crafted short stories like a kid. The author believes that childlike behavior is very vital in keeping enthusiasm throughout life until you touch the desired fantasy in reality.”

I will begin by congratulating the author for choosing such a subject to deal with in the book—telling his own struggle story and then drawing a step by step vision for others to follow the success path isn’t an easy task. And yet the author took the risk of debuting with a book on this genre.

So coming back to the book—it is a self-help book on achieving success. With chapters like ‘Vision Code’, ‘Will to do it’, ‘Create your design’, ‘Dreamers are true magnets’, ‘Change creates characters’, ‘Best investment is investing in you’, ‘Fear, no more’, ‘Make a mark’, ‘What motivates you?’ and more, it is a one stop solution to a successful future.

The author comes from a humble background and yet today, he is an achiever. He uses his own life’s struggles to create a pathway to success for his readers. Nowhere will the readers feel it to be exaggerated. The author has included stories and quotes that are inspiring and will motivate the readers. Your reaction to various situations defines you as a person. It is your choice to be happy, sad, angry or irritated. He has included the high low points, the happy sad moments to keep the book realistic and listed out ways that are easy and one can follow to improve their own life with a little dedication.

The language is simple and easy to comprehend. It’s so well-written that once you pick up, you cannot keep it down without finishing it off. It took me a couple of hours to complete the book because it is so fast paced. I found it quite engaging, useful and interesting. The subject is tackled beautifully by the skillful author. The details have been put in after a thorough research and it shows.

Further, this 174-page book is a compelling book. As a debutant, Keerthi Singhe has nailed it. The pointers given in the last chapter are highly significant. I found that chapter the best.

The book is highly recommended if you are looking for hope in a hopeless situation.

Ratings: 3.5/5

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