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Love Has Many Faces - Book Review

Love Has Many Faces
By Lisa Morgan with Naula Giblin
Review By Ila Garg

Love Has Many Faces, a novel by Lisa Morgan, is published by herself. The cover has a subtle shade in the backdrop and shows a woman with her head lying low—maybe she is depressed, tired of struggling, crying, saddened, or a combination of all these emotions. The sub-title—Spectacular True Story of Love, Lies, the Ultimate betrayal and Escape to Freedom—further points out at its autobiographical nature.

Lisa Morgan originally from Grimsby in the North East of England, has worked in the Security and Aviation industries in the UK and the Middle East. Having survived personal tragedy in Uganda, she returned to the UK to re-build her life. It was suggested she writes her story and Love Has Many Faces is her first book. Lisa plans to write another book about her experiences in Iraq in the near future.

The blurb reads as, “Raw, frank and blistering, Lisa Morgan's 'Love Has Many Faces' embroils readers in what should have been a move to Uganda to start a new life of marriage and happiness; rapidly turned into lawless tragedy. Hailed by critics as an "Absolutely gripping read," Morgan's powerful true story reminds readers that love often has many dark corners.
When a British woman falls in love. She moves to Uganda to be with her Ugandan boyfriend. She later discovers the hard lessons of betrayal and is left penniless in a foreign land. She gets tangled into a web of lies, falls into the hands of corrupted police that turns her life into a living horror. For the first-time Lisa shares her spectacular true story on how she escaped from exile, with only the sheer power of the human spirit to claw her way back to freedom.

So, I will start by telling you all that why I started with this book on the day when I received it. The cover and the fact that it is an autobiographical narration are so interesting that you won’t be able to resist yourself from reading this quickly. It seemed to be a good read since the beginning. I was glad to read the blurb that managed to make the book look promising. And as I turned pages after pages, I was amazed at the many faces of love that the author exposes in the course of the book.

The story revolves around Lisa and Boaz. It talks about how they first met, how how they fell in love, how Lisa trusted him, how he lied to her and how she was betrayed in the course of love in a foreign land. The characters are as real as it can get as it is an autobiographical narrative. Lisa Morgan has thus shown her strong side to the world; not only by escaping to freedom after being betrayed but also by telling this heart-wrenching story to the world.

The plot is realistic and successfully portrays the deep and intricate emotions that we all have to deal with in the journey of desires and pursuit of love. Some of us are successful at the end but many of us land with a broken heart just like Lisa. The language is simple, lucid and easy to comprehend. Nowhere will a reader feel any disconnect. I found it quite engaging.

Further, this 233-page book (paperback) is a light read and overall a compelling book. It brings to light the importance of choices in one’s life. How Lisa left her career in the Middle East for love, how she moved to Uganda to start a new life with Boaz, how her dream turned into a nightmare, how she was left penniless and with a broken heart in a foreign land, will she survive the betrayal of love, will she ever be herself again are some of the many reasons why you will keep turning the pages to find out what happens in Love Has Many Faces.

The book is highly recommended for those who have suffered in love and are looking for an inspiration; a way out.

Ratings: 3.5/5

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