Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A weekend dedicated to self-pampering with ‘Yes Madam’ services!

So on 29th April 2017, Saturday, I finally allowed myself to indulge in some self-love. I got a call from ‘Yes Madam’ few days ago and they wanted me to try their services. I immediately said yes because it’s rare for me to sit back and relax myself owing to the busy schedule that I have; juggling between multiple things.

It was indeed a soothing experience as I had to do nothing, not even walk outside my door. Their staff came right at my doorstep and arranged the things for me to just enjoy and destress myself completely.

Let me give you an overview about how they work and how it’s better than others:

Transparency in Product -

‘Yes Madam’ has tied up with all the top brands like VLCC, Lotus, O3+ and uses sealed mono doses (one-time use) beauty products which cannot be refilled or duplicated or tampered unlike salons or other online beauty service where the big boxes can be refilled by duplicated products. Beauticians unseal the products in front of the customer and if some of the product is left after the use, they hand the product over to the customer so that they can use it next time. Customer has the freedom to give their own products too. Thereby, maintaining complete transparency and also hygiene in the services.

Transparency in Pricing -

‘Yes Madam’ aspires to disrupt the prices by splitting the prices into two components:
Service charges + Material cost.

For instance, an O3+ facial with ‘Yes Madam’ has two separate pricing charts:
Service charges + Material cost.

So, if the customer intends to use their own products, we only charge for the services at Rs 6 per minute and if the customer uses ‘Yes Madam’s’ products, material cost is added.

An O3+ facial takes about 60 minutes. So, 60 mins x 6 = Rs 360 + Rs 450 (material cost) = Rs 810. Whereas, the same O3+ facial service is being provided for Rs 1300 -1700 in beauty salons and online portals. Customers are getting deceived because they hardly know the actual cost of the material used and end up paying a preposterous amount for a service that can be availed for just Rs 810 and too at the comfort of your home.

Similarly, L’oreal Hair Spa costs = Rs 180 (Service charges) + Rs 200 (Material cost) = Rs 380.
The total cost for an O3+ facial and L’oreal Hair Spa with ‘Yes Madam’ thus, is highly affordable and needless to say the pricing system is extremely transparent.

The services with all other beauty startups are deceiving and expensive as customers are not aware of the material cost due the fact that most of the salons and online startups use big - big boxes and it is close to impossible to calculate the cost of material used from that big box on a particular service. Therefore, customers even end up paying higher price for the services having same material cost.
For instance, O3+ Shine and Glow (Rs 1200) and O3+ Anti-ageing (Rs 1500) has same material cost (Rs 450) and it takes one hour to do both the facials. But at salons, both the facials have different prices. However, with ‘Yes Madam’ pricing model, as the material cost is same, the price for both the facial remains the same: 360 (service charge) + 450 (material cost) = Rs 810.

Also, customer will have the luxury to choose the beautician. With ‘Yes Madam’, an 8-star rated beautician will be available at Rs 8/min and 6-star rated would be at Rs 6/min. An 8-star rated service will include free Wi-Fi, unlimited entertainment, etc. for the customer during the service.
Customers can also avail the services in prime hours (morning and evening: 7-9) by paying prime time charges at Rs 8/min.

Their pricing system is extremely user-friendly. In case a beautician spends extra time on a service that shouldn’t be requiring that much time, the customer will not have to pay for those additional minutes. For example, if a service should ideally be taking about 60 minutes and the beautician finishes the same job in 70 minutes, in that case, the customer is not expected to pay for those extra ten minutes. On the other hand, if the beautician finishes the service in lesser time, customer will only pay for the time they availed.

Once the job is done, the customer can pay via cash or online. After four days they call the customer for feedback regarding the servicing experience and also ask for a rating.

Take a look and try for yourself: http://www.yesmadam.co.in/

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