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Rendezvous with Bharat Madan! :)

Hi Bharat Madan,

Hope this finds you in good spirits!

It’s a pleasure to take your interview today. So let’s start:

Bharat Madan is an author, motivational speaker and a personality developer. He has been a meritorious student through his time at college and holds an MBA from Amity University. He received the prestigious Shree Baljit Shastri Award and Best All Round Student Award, the highest awards at his university. His journey as a writer began after he finished his education. His first piece of fiction, the story of a college boy over three years, was set aside in favour of his decision to make a debut with a more mature and conceptually unique novel.

As a motivational speaker, he has inspired thousands of students in reputed schools in Jaipur. Through his writing and speaking skills, Bharat endeavours to add value to the lives of students and make their personalities forces to be reckoned with. After pressing demands from his listeners, Bharat started a Youtube Channel called “Bharat Madan” to share his ideas through the digital platform. He derives inspiration from his mother who raised him single-handedly after he lost his father at a young age.

Here, he lets his readers know a little more about himself and his journey so far. Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring to you Bharat Madan:

1. Tell us something about you that only people close to you know.

Bharat: I was born with a silver spoon. I am used to too much care and pampering. I am sophisticated in many ways and I love to stay in my comfort zone.

2. How does it feel to be a published writer? Has it changed you in anyway? How do you handle fame?

Bharat: It feels the same as usual since I choose to get self-published through Notion Press. Only people now see me from a different eye. Having said this I would like to add that I learnt a lot. I do not think that anything will change me. I haven’t received fame as an author but as a motivational speaker a lot of people in Jaipur respect me, especially students. I consider myself to be privileged to have received so much love wherever I went as a speaker. It also added a sense of responsibility. I wish to make my listeners grow by following their dreams.

3. Have you always wanted to be a writer? 

I never thought that I’d be a writer. Never. In college I used to speak and write all the time and I was really good at them both. My friends in MBA, namely Nikhil, Naman and Shikhar pushed me to take my writing skills to a new level. Then Srinivas and then my school friends Rahul, Navneet and Niraj. My time with my students Mudrika, Rupal, Divyansh and Samridhi gave me the push when I needed it. I am glad I listened. 

4. Tell us something about your book, Jim Morgan And The Seven Sins. How did the idea for this book shaped up in your mind?

Everybody around me (avid readers) was tired of reading romance and college life stories. I also wanted to write something very different. Something that would make people say, ‘Wow, I can’t believe an Indian Writer has written it’. So in the mid of July 2016, I started to write whatever came to my mind. I didn’t have a direction. What came out in an hour was very dark and had something related to a ‘Sin’. I had always been fond of Vedic Astrology and in an instant I was able to relate the cause of the sin. It was connected to Mars or Venus I think. At that moment I had my story. All I had to do was keep on writing.

5. How do you envision your book will impact your readers?

The book has hidden messages. I had to make detail research on the subjects first- Vedic Astrology, Bhagvada Gita, a little bit of Holy Bible and seven deadly sins before I hid the messages that I learnt into the book. I hope my readers not only see the book as a thriller and a mystery but also see that my writing has layers.

6. Briefly tell us about your earlier writings.

My first book is named ‘Opinion Matters’. It is a self-help book for school students. My second book which is a contemporary fiction- Friends Love Salary is the story of a guy who gets it all- friends, love and a good salary but realises the value of each after his MBA. I didn’t publish both the books because I wanted to motivate students. Many wish to write but don’t because of fear of rejection. I am happy to have inspired a few who now are working on writing skills.

7. Share some of your interesting memories you lived while writing your latest book, Jim Morgan And The Seven Sins.

One night I had hallucination. I had been writing for 10 straight hours and I was so much into the book that I forgot to drink, eat and sleep. It was 3 a.m. I felt a vague black figure watching me from a distance. I felt so scared that I immediately switched off my laptop and ran for my room. I couldn’t sleep for an hour. I had the door locked. I woke up at 10-11 a.m. and when I did I realised that it was just my imagination. I was very happy. If I could immerse myself so much into the story, it meant that readers will also feel connected.

8. What or who was your biggest inspiration behind this book?

My burning desire to write something Amazing.

9. How do you make sure the information used in your books is accurate and up-to-date?

Since it is a fantasy thriller/mystery, I took liberty to write imaginary places. At the same time, I moulded and incorporated Mythology and Vedic astrology so that reality stays with imagination. The authentic information that I put in my book is what I learnt from published works like Bhagvada Gita, Holy Bible and Astrology Books.

10. What’s the biggest mistake new writers make according to you?

I never criticize people. I motivate them. Every mistake can be made into the most profitable action. When you’re feeling low, all you need to do is let your imagination fly high and at the same time stay practical. A great balance between imagination and practicality makes wonders.

11. How do you feel when someone disagrees with something you say or have written?

Everyone has an opinion. Disagreements if listened to and handled maturely can produce a better perspective. I am always open for new ideas. At least I get to see my work from a different perspective. This shows my growth.

12. What is your least favourite part of the writing process?

I cannot carry my laptop everywhere with me. I wish I could. So, I am at this café with my mother and we’re having a good time. Suddenly, out of nowhere this idea comes to my mind which is stupendous. By the time I am back at my laptop, part of the idea is lost. Still, it is like a puzzle. Keep joining pieces of ideas and a great picture comes as a result.

13. What is your biggest strength when it comes to writing?

My concept and the way I make complexities understandable. People will like my work, a few may not but all of them will agree that my concept is unique and more unique things will come.

14. What are some things you like to do when you’re not writing?

I love to speak. I practice speaking. Handling a crowd of 200-1000 people who are attending your session is difficult. Making them hear every word and follow it requires me to be exceptional. I keep on making progress every day. I also love to interact with students on Facebook. So when I am not writing, chances are I am interacting with people.

15. Tell us something about your future projects. Are you writing anything at the moment?

Jim Morgan and …….. (Wait, it is going to be super awesome. Won’t reveal the name yet!)

16. What do you think about the writing industry these days? Do you think becoming a full-time writer is an advisable option?

I think that publishers should push authors who write things that add value to people. Apparently not everyone is doing that. And ‘Yes’ becoming a full-time writer is 100% recommended. When somebody invites me for a session in a school, institute or university and they introduce me as a speaker and Author, you can’t imagine how much respect I get. Imagine walking into a hall, escorted by 2-4 people, everybody stands up the moment you enter and you get to do, speak whatever you want because people are there for growth and they believe you. I haven’t seen or heard any professional, person doing a job or a businessman get this much respect. I am getting all this for doing what I love. Money will definitely follow.

17. Any tips for budding writers?

Keep imagining, keep writing and believe in your work.

18. What are the roles of an editor and a reviewer in the success of book according to you?

Without them I do not think that a writer is complete. I took substantive editing and I told my editor to be merciless. She was so good. I realised that small things make the big difference. She pointed out smallest mistakes, made recommendation, shared her perspective and when they were corrected the final piece appeared like a magic. I couldn’t have done it alone.

Same goes for reviewers. I believe in them and so I share my work with them with a request - Please give my work your time. I am lucky to come across people who wish to make the literary world larger with more substance. A lot of people believe in them and follow them. Right now, reviewers are the connecting link between me and my readers.

19. How does it feel to be interviewed by me? *basically the interviewer wishes to hear praises* *haha*

I heard so much about you Ila. You are a gold reviewer at It takes a lot to reach that level. I have had my share of struggle so I know exactly how much you must have sacrificed to reach this level. As the interviewer/reviewer she is honest, so am I. I am lucky to have been interviewed by you and I can’t wait to get my book reviewed by you. I wish you a unique reading experience. I also thank you for your time. Your questions are thoughtful and they certainly made me feel amazed.

20. Will I get a signed copy please? :P *puppy face*

I feel privileged to be signing it for you. May God be with you the way he is with Jim Morgan.

Wow! So we have come to an end of this awesome session. 


A quest to identify seven deadly sins
A mystery behind seven keys that were passed to seven men
A deadly race against time to seek atonement
On the outskirts of New York City, Jim Morgan, an international bestselling author learns through God that he had committed seven sins in his previous life. Clues lie in the six novels he has written, that would lead him to the mystery. But the novels won't reveal everything to him. With seven days on hand, he must walk in the direction that faith leads him in, to reach the lost chamber of Seven Planets. Unless Morgan understands the secret behind his past life and the sins he committed, his chance to live will be lost forever.

Buying Link: Amazon

Readers, let’s be kind to the writer and buy the book soon. Do share your feedback with me once you read Jim Morgan And The Seven Sins.

Happy Reading!

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