Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Mixed Experience at Playboy Cafe, CP!

Hello lovelies,

It was a dull afternoon of 27th Feb 2017, when I stepped in the Playboy Café. As I climbed upstairs to reach the entrance, I could see the amazing vibes that it had. The ambiance seemed welcoming. Soon, I found myself gelling up with a few other bloggers there.

However, almost half an hour inside the café, and I wasn’t even offered the menu or anything for that matter. It was the most unorganised café I had visited in a long time.

Then, after some more minutes, arrived the first dish, which was Paneer Tikka. It looked yum, the presentation was nice. When I tasted it, I felt it was quite ordinary but still they managed to bring out a good taste.

Second was Chilli Chicken. Though, I am a vegetarian, so I didn’t taste it but it looked nicely cooked. Look at the picture and see for yourself.

Next came few mocktails which tasted more like jaljeera and strawberry punch with a lot of soda. None of the bloggers seemed happy with them. Everyone managed to just take a sip and leave it there.

Next, was the honey chilli potato. They managed to get the taste just right for this one. Though I must say, the presentation for these and chilli chicken and paneer tikka remained the same. So, I wasn’t too impressed. The food that doesn’t impress you with its looks, well, is almost a no-no.

Then we were served Chilli Paneer. Finally, something appetising. It was impressive. Perhaps the only dish I totally enjoyed and found good in terms of presentation.

Lastly, we were served a dessert—my all-time favourite—chocolate brownie with ice-cream. I was overwhelmed as I tasted this. It was the right temperature—hot brownie, cold ice-cream. Absolutely tempting! I loved it. So, it all ended on a good note after all.

Ambiance: 3/5
Presentation of food: 2.5/5
Taste: 3/5
Preparation/Hygiene: 3/5
Overall Ratings: 3/5

Address: N49, 1st Floor, Below My Bar Headquarters, Connaught Circus, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi - 110001
Phone: 011 4946 4946

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