Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Celebrate the season of gifting with Neesh!

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Continuing the blog series on gifting options that I have recently come across, here's the second post. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or drop me a mail at ilagarg.president@gmail.com

So this is an amazing perfume brand called - Neesh. Let's explore this brand a little.

“NEESH” has a wide range of fragrance products. The company ensures the use of natural ingredients in the products to stay wary of the harmful effects of chemicals. They offer a delightful aromatic experience through their products.

The best thing about this brand is they have a breathtaking vision of concept perfumes. It is the first oriental perfume brand that comes in a pikpack. Yes, the pikpacks are so beautiful that you would instantly believe them to be made for gifting!

They have 12 high quality fragrances, inspired from different parts of the world. 6 of them are for men and 6 for women:

Men: Oud-e-Khaas, Moha-beau-t, Eau-de-Mehfill, Attar-e-Neesh, Attar-e-Nazakat, Attar-e-Ishq
Women: Zaafran-e-Hindustan, Sultana, Rose-e-Mohabatt, Oud-de-Venice, Belle-d-Oud, Amour-de-Oud

This brand is committed to seek growth and prosperity by achieving sustainable customer satisfaction. It does hear to all the feedback that it gets from the customers and subsequently work on it to provide you the best. They thus, put in continuous efforts to maintain aromatic and best fragrances in their products. Why these perfumes are a great gifting option is also because of the innovative packaging provided by the brand.

Here's some trivia for you:
  • 52 Ingredients are put together to get Neesh as final product.
  • It is fact that some of our ingredients are made the same way ancient India used to make attar.
  • They are Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant, Moisturizing, Naturally fragrant and relaxant.
  • Neesh perfumes are concentrated with 10-20% oils that makes them last upto 12 hours.
  • Attar and Oud that they use is of the best quality which adds on to the aroma.
  • Each spray costs less than Re. 1.
My experience of using these has been good. I gifted one of them to a friend of mine who at once loved it. He found it close to the original itaar (also known as attar). These perfumes have Sufi/Mughal vibes to them.

I especially liked Zaafran-e-Hindustan and Oud-e-Khaas.

Neesh has its presence on retail outlets and online shopping portals, making it easy for the customers to purchase. Visit http://neesh.in/ today and delve in the fragrance today!

Happy Gifting! xoxoxo

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