Thursday, October 27, 2016

Mixr: Discover and meet amazing people!

In a vision to connect people in the real-world scenarios, a start-up company called Palatable has released a new app called Mixr that gets groups/squads of friends together in a platonic friendly way.

Mixr focuses on making organic connections which is similar to when group of friends hang out at bars, restaurants and cafes. You get to chat with each other way before you actually hangout with the other gang! Mixr removes the awkwardness when strangers meet normally for a date or even, casually. With a buddy (or two) along, the hanging out in Mixr is comfortable. Mixr isn’t specifically a dating app, but a way for two groups of friends to hang out. Mixr, which launched recently on iPhones and Android phones aims to target these problems. They believe that platonic connections and friendships are the first essential step to meaningful relationships and life experiences. With that in mind, Mixr has created a platform for users to meet fun, like-minded people in their city. To keep interactions free from sleaze and safe for its users, Mixr also insists on bringing a friend into every interaction. The idea is to team up with a buddy (or two) and then find other such 'gangs'. Swipe the ones you like and if they do too, you are ready to mix and mingle!

The app can especially benefit women who wish to meet like-minded people in a platonic way. Remember, it is the safest way to get to know people around you as you can always take your BFF along. It is the only social networking app that lets you meet and get to know like-minded people at your own pace and without any pressure of expectations in terms of dating, hooking up, marriage, etc. The makers believe that the best experiences in life comes from taking it slow. It is therefore, no surprise then that studies show that the best dating opportunities too, come to those who take the time to first build a larger friends' circle.

This is first of its kind app launch in India and therefore it is recommended to give a try.

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  1. there are many similar apps coming up now a days and actually these are fun trying.. gonna try this one too..

    1. Please do try. Use the link: to download and let me know your views.