Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Hygiene First with Pee Safe!

Hey lovelies,

Today I have a question for you all… Are you comfortable using public toilets or you tend to avoid them? If hygiene is your concern, there’s a solution for you: it’s called Pee Safe!

Recently, I received samples from the brand to test and say no to germs forever!

So what exactly is this Pee Safe?

Pee Safe is a toilet seat sanitizer that not only disinfects the toilet seat but also adds fragrance to the surroundings. It kills 99.9% of the germs on the toilet safe, thus drastically cutting down the chances of any infection. It sanitizes the toilet seat within 5 seconds. What's more, you can carry it in your handbag, wherever you go. It is even permissible to carry in airplanes.

Why should you use Pee Safe?

For a woman, using a public toilet gets unavoidable at times - you might not be able to hold it for long when shopping at the mall, working at the office or enjoying on a night out. But, public toilets can be breeding grounds for disease-causing germs that are the cause of Diarrhoea, Urinary Tract Infections and Gastroenteritis. It is not just the toilet seat but the door handle, knob and flush button that can also be sources of germs.

Women are also more prone to infections, thus using Pee Safe becomes a necessity for them if using a public restroom.

How can Pee Safe be used?

Using Pee Safe is quite easy. All you have to do is shake the bottle well. Hold the sanitizer spray can at least 3-4 inches from the toilet seat or any other area that you wish to sanitize and spray. Wait for about five seconds. Wipe the seat cover with a tissue paper. Alternatively, wait for 5 seconds to let it evaporate.

The disinfected seat is ready to use.


Priced at Rs. 150, this 75 ml spray bottle of Pee Safe is a must buy product!

Also, in addition, you would also want to grab this awesome multi-use wet wipes packet which has 10 wet wipes and is priced at Rs. 60.

These two products will keep your hygiene in check while travelling. They can be easily carried in a handbag.

Additional Remarks:

From my personal experience, I can safely say that Pee Safe is one product that has eased my life. I make it a point to always have it in my bag. The toilet seat sanitizer spray has a sweet fragrance too which adds to its quality and thus, using it has now become a routine for me. The cleansing wipes sent along with the spray by the team are useful too. These are normal multi-purpose wipes and can easily find their way in your bag.

Visit the website today and check out the awesome range of products that Pee safe has to offer!

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