Monday, September 5, 2016

1ka3 Bundle of Joy - Website Review

Hi lovelies,

So today, I am gonna tell you about this awesome website that I recently came across. This works on the philosophy of ‘the more you buy, the less you pay’.

Yes, you heard it right. First, let me tell you how this site works. You can select any product from the wide range of quality stuff that is listed on the site. Once you choose your product, you can fill in your shipping details, choose whether to pay online or opt for COD and simply relax.

The site’s delivery is pretty fast. They deliver in 3-4 days of the order receipt. Also, the packaging is such that the products that reach you are not damaged in the process. Once you receive your parcel, open it with bated breaths because you are in for a surprise. Of course, a good one!

In your parcel, you will find the product that you ordered, packed very neatly. Along with that, there will be two freebies. Voila! And these two bonus products wouldn’t be trash, they will be useful and equally worth it. Your primary product (the one you ordered) can be a little expensive in comparison to the two freebies that you got but see you bought just one and got three! Isn’t it a delight?

So eventually the product that you bought wouldn’t feel so costly. This is therefore a cost-effective way of shopping as well. So what are you waiting for? Grab on the opportunity and #Karo1ka3

All the products listed on the site are branded and high quality products, especially the shoes—they all are from European brands so you can be assured of the quality that you are getting from this site.

My experience on the site has been tremendous. Ek ka Teen has been kind enough to send me some awesome products to see for myself that how cool their products are. I must say I was grinning from ear to ear when I received the huge box. The packaging was nicely done.

I could not wait to open it up. One by one, I took out the products. Here’s a snapshot of what I got from 1ka3:

Now let me tell you what I felt about each one of them.

1) Tassled Suede Ankle Length Boots (Taupe) – The frill shoes looked quite elegant and when I wore them, they were a perfect fit. The thing I liked about them is the look. The 3.5-inch heel was not troublesome. The product looked and felt high on quality. Priced at just Rs. 1000 it’s not a bad deal at all. You must be wondering if it is a European brand shoe and so low in price, then how can it be good? But that’s how it is! It did cross my mind too. But then, I guess since the website is a startup, it’s offering good deals for quality products.

Link to buy:

2) Infuser Weightloss Detox Bottle (Pink) – Oh so this one is a high on need product. Drinking fruit infused water is the best way to detox your body and lose those extra kilos. You can refill the water over and over and use it throughout the day to keep your body detoxed. It will help you to stay fit. Priced at Rs. 455, this detox water bottle is elegantly designed with silicon covers (I got pink colour). I have given it to my mum since she is a fitness freak and she could not have been happier. Over the last week, I have seen her drinking the water during the whole day from this detox bottle only. You must buy this if you wish to increase your metabolism and help your body detox (lose some toxins).

Link to buy:

3) Flower Petal Handwash Soap (Red) – Omg! This one took my heart. It looked super cute and no one can believe them to be soaps. These exotic looking flowers can be a perfect gift for your someone special or maybe just to pamper yourself. These are scented so can be good for a luxurious bath. I would want to keep them for long before I finally use them as soaps. I found them so nice that I ordered these in blue/green for a friend of mine whose birthday is round the corner. You can do the same. Priced at Rs. 275 it’s a value for money product. And of course, you will get your two freebies with this so nothing should hold you back.

Link to buy:

4) Tribal Hoop Earrings – These exclusive pieces jazz up both your ethnic as well as modern look. These earrings are made of wooden material with fabric pasted over it therefore each piece is different yet unique. I wore them to a recent event and they looked superb with my outfit. They stood out in the pictures too. I hope to wear them often as I have always loved long earrings. Priced at just Rs. 100, these earrings are a treasure!

Link to buy:

All the 4 products are quality products and can be used till I get bored of them (except for the soaps of course). It’s the right time to gift yourself some nice stuff from this site, before the prices soar high. The concept of offering two freebies along with the primary product that you order is amazing! It’s like in the process of shopping, you actually got gifts for yourself.

#Karo1ka3 today! Do share your feedback if you shop.

Happy shopping! xoxo

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