Tuesday, August 23, 2016

CHOICE Life Insurance introduces Investshield

Life is very precious and sometimes, our loved ones too are dependent on us. Their lives are connected to us. But we must not forget that nothing in this world is permanent and thus, we need to be insured at all times – we need to make sure that our finances are well organized and keep protecting our dreams along with securing the lives of our near and dear ones.

When a life ceases, other lives are affected too – their dreams are crushed in a jiffy with a looming aim of sadness surrounding them. CHOICE Life Insurance understands the connected lives that we live. They know that we always want the best for our family and would not want to leave them saddened ever – the least we can do for them is insuring their dreams and happiness. With #InvestShield we can now do that in simple and easy steps.
Canara HSBC and OBC has therefore, quite thoughtfully decided to launch a part protection and part investment plan to make sure that you can live life without worrying about future. This ‘investshield plan’ provides protection features through various beneficial options to suit our every need. It’s one plan to aid your thousands of dreams even in adverse situations. Isn’t it wonderful?
Still not convinced? Well, investments help in tax savings and thus, a sure shot way to save regularly for all your endeavors. #ULIPPlan by #CanaraHSBCOBC is therefore a value for money investment plan wherein you can choose how much you want to invest according to your earnings and needs. This plan is fully customizable and is completely hassle free!
All that you want to know about the plan is available on their website. Canara HSBC and OBC believe that every family has different set of needs and therefore has also introduced a feature where you can ask your personal queries to them directly and they will be resolved as soon as possible to give you the best possible plan. Now, you can avail this plan with few clicks online. So you don’t have to visit anywhere, but just by sitting at the comfort of your home you can get your dreams insured.
So what are you waiting for? Visit Life Insurance now and secure your future now.

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