Sunday, July 24, 2016

Poetry: To My Love, From Me...

She would never have been angry…
Maybe, she just wanted things,
And not merely the trings.
Perhaps he was doing his bit,
He never let her quit.
She had questions,
She wished to see reciprocations
But, all she got was a set of accusations!
It was her DAY,
It was her BIRTHDAY.
She wanted him, his time,
A gift laced with smiles,
An expression in his rhyme,
And not just to travel miles.
They did spend an evening,
Together, they had a great evening.
He did it all with love and care,
Loving her was his flair!
Okay, they do love each other,
Of course, they are meant to be together!
What would he miss if she goes?
Restlessly, a question she throws.
Wishing to strengthen the rope,
For an answer that would rekindle hope.
His minimalism in love irks her at times,
She wonders if he could just surprise her sometimes.
He inspires her in a million ways,
Adding phrase after phrase.
But, her NEVERLAND dreams…
They are beyond limits,
They are full of craze!
His actions are mysterious, if she is upfront,
His smile is still her REJOICE,
Even when he fails to let ‘them’ have an IDENTITY.
They fight and she says, ‘Let’s BREAK UP’,
They hug and he says, ‘Let’s MAKE UP’.
Oh, all she has to do is STAY.
The words that they often say,
The smiles, hugs and kisses in the café,
Keep getting etched for the DOOMSDAY!
‘We have no FUTURE’, she says.
‘But, we have a PRESENT’, he says.
And in a moment, they are angry again.
Look how the smile fades away,
Yes, Love continues to stay.
Love binds their FAIRYTALE,
But careful, it’s still frail.
She wants overt romance, he keeps it subtle,

She winks, and he writes an ODE TO HIS ANGEL.

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