Sunday, January 11, 2015

Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash #Review

Oily Skin? Pimples troubles? Are you always hiding and avoiding hangouts? Never confident in public? Do you feel embarrassed of your looks? Well... not anymore!

Here's a fab solution to almost all your skin problems - Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash

I carry it in my pocket :)
I have an oily skin too but off late I'm regularly using this face wash and the results are evident. My skin remains fresh throughout the day, oil glands have lessened too. No new pimple emerges on my skin, and this face wash will also help lightening the previous marks. I have been using this for about a year now, so I can confidently say this is the best thing that I have come across for a sure shot solution for all skin worries.

It comes in a beautiful tube and every time you have to squeeze just a tiny bit of quantity, gently massage on damp face using your fingertips in a circular motion. Avoid the eye area. Rinse thoroughly, pat dry with a towel and fall in love with your skin all over again. I don't feel the need to apply anything after using this face wash as it perfectly balances the oils and you are done for the day. So my skin doesn't look too dry and at the same time, it gets non-oily too. Sounds good, doesn't it?

My skin looks radiant and I don't have to bother about trying out different treatments. The packaging says that for best results, you should use this twice a day. Also, wasting money on hundred different products will only worsen the skin troubles. This face wash is anti-pimple formula that comes in as a handy solution. The compact packaging makes it easier to carry it during your trips and travels, so that you can keep your skin dirt-free all the time.

It's gel base makes it easier to apply on your face and heals faster too. It fights the harm done to your skin by pollution, bacteria and excess oil. With gradual regular use, it also brightens up the skin. How can I say that? Because I have only used this for months (and no other skin lightening products) and felt my skin glowing by the day. You can also refer to so many tips to stay oil free by Garnier Team -

It contains real Neem Leaf and Tree Tea Oil extracts:

1) Fights Germs: Washes away problem causing germs.
2) Fights Pollution: Deep cleans the pores to remove impurities caused by pollution.
3) Removes Oil: Washes away excess oil which attracts dirt and germs.

It prevents breakouts and makes the skin feel clean, fresh and clearer. The ingredients are carefully chosen and work best on an oily skin. It is dermatologically tested and purifies skin and washes away germs. Tree Tea Extracts in itself has amazing healing powers. It offers an excellent treatment for acne. One study found tea tree oil to be just as effective as benzoyl peroxide, but without the negative side effects like redness and peeling. All the more reasons to grab this face wash by Garnier. For best results, use it with Garnier PureActive Exfoliating Face Scrub.

It is also available in a small pack of 50 g quantity priced at Rs. 55 for people who aren't too sure about it and want to try it.

I have the 100 g pack since it is a must product for me. This one is priced at Rs. 90 and is available readily (online and offline).

So, finally time to say no to pimples with Garnier is here!

Get it here: Flipkart
Check out the wide range of Garnier products, here: Snapdeal | Nykaa

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Smart Street Shopping #BlingOn


Many a times, keeping up to the changing trends can put a dent in your budget. In such times, street shopping comes as the only handy solution. But where to shop and what and how are some important questions here.

I found a great place to shop in Delhi which has a lot of variety in pocket-friendly rates. Crafts Bazaar, in District Centre, Janakpuri is a shopper's paradise offering something for every budget. It has a wide variety of ethnic Rajasthani kurtis, price ranging from Rs. 200 to Rs. 800. There are so many stalls selling junk jewelry. The range starts from as low as Rs. 10. You can find shoe stalls too. Other stuff like soft toys, bags, belts, home decor items, etc. is also available for cheap prices.

So, I explored it in my own way. And here are few items that I added to my collection from there.

First Impressions of shopping here: An awesome place, a one stop-shop for almost anything girly. They have books, bellies, a range of footwear which include slippers too. They have clutches, bags, purses, and what not! All that is available in such cheap rates that you won't be able to resist.

So, first thing that I picked up from there is this sparkly, chunky ring. It looks so trendy with both Western as well as Indian attire and I fell in love with it the moment I picked it up. I got it for as low as Rs. 60. Isn't that great? Yes, it is. I told you.

Next, I went on trying great accessories that would go well with a traditional suit or saree or a lehnga. Here, I found these pair of earrings. Take a look at them. Aren't they pretty? I got them just for Rs. 100. The moti work is really intricate and enhances the look of this beautiful pair that dangles comfortably on your ears. And the shopkeepers here keep getting new pieces every week or so.

Then I saw this tribal neck piece which can be very costly if you check it out online or at some mall. But here, I got it for just Rs. 100 and yes its quality is almost the same. It is very elegant and looks great on every girl. You must have at least one of these statement necklaces in your collection. They have it in many different colors.

And this one simply caught my attention from a distance. This big sized pearl ring can fit in comfortably on your finger and then there is no need to wear any more accessories. This is very trendy and looks great with Kurtis as well as Party Tops. I got this for Rs. 80 (after bargain), although the shopkeepers can be really stubborn at times. But then, bargaining is an art, isn't it? Well we girls seem to know it well. So, this is one place you can try your art!

Recently, I came across an online website - and decided to check it out. I found this stylish looking watch there and ordered it in black color. Although it was clearly mentioned there that the color would be as per the availability. I got this brown one delivered a week later. This one has a charm too (the owl). Its vintage look makes it more tempting! I realized that it looked better than the black one, so I was happy anyway. This one is for Rs. 200 (including shipping charges). They have a lot of watches that are stylish trendy and will steal your heart at very affordable prices.

Go shop, girl... ;) 
Don't let the low budget thing stop you. It's not just shopping after all, it's a therapy! 
We girls know it better!

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bling On With Ila, Ladies! :)

"For thy purity is as pure as snow,
With each passing year, our love for you grows.
You are grace personified, fashion re-defined,
You are a diva, you are one of your kind!
Your kohl laced eyes, glossy lips, and beautiful heart,
That's the place where love dwells and begins the art.
You are a masterpiece, gorgeous lady,
You are God's wonder, His only glory!
For a being as precious and alluring as you,
We are overwhelmed by you, lovely dew."

For ages, women have symbolized beauty and this fact continues till date. Wearing trendy jewelry is a good idea to ornament oneself but what if you are wearing it with a wrong dress or what if you don't know what kind of jewelry is right for you? Ever wondered what a classy style is? How much bling is too much? What to do when you are on a budget? Where to buy your dresses, watches, and jewelry when your wallet isn't that supportive? The right bags for the right dress? 

Well... keep calm... this space is going to have all the answers for you. All you have to do is leave your questions, suggestions, etc. in the comments or inbox on Facebook. Or better still, follow me on Twitter - @ilagarg_smile, or Instagram - @ila_licious

I will be happy to answer and help you out ladies! Bling on with me :)

Let's start the beautiful journey, shall we?

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Adulterated Love - Book Review

Adulterated Love
By Udita Pal
Review By Ila Garg

Adulterated Love, by a young talent Udita Pal is a book with an attention grabbing title. Published by Gargi Publishers, a fast progressing self-publishing house, the book has an amazing cover. I particularly liked the color, as fiery as love itself. The scribbling like ‘3P disturbs us a lot – Parents Periods Pressure and Hormonal Locha’ further arouse reader interest. The concept is perfectly presented by Amol Karambe. The quality as I have agreed in my previous review is obviously one of the best in the recent book industry.

An 18 year old first year Journalism student at Central University of Jharkhand, Ranchi, Udita Pal was first published in an anthology, Uff Ye Emotions 2, where her coauthored story was featured. Interestingly, I had reviewed the book and liked her story. You can check the review here. A social media addict, she can be found online indulging in talking about her not so interesting life, entertaining others or uploading selfies. Apart from being a typical teenager, she is an avid reader and a blogger. She dreams of being a standup comedian. With Adulterated Love she has marked her literary debut as a solo writer.

The blurb reads as, “We are Forever.
Love - Most beautiful feeling. 
Sex - Most desperate feeling.
School - The temple of education (18+) 
Pregnancy- Outcome of desperation.

Ela was never supposed to fall in love with him. She was an honest lawyer's only daughter and he was corrupt MLA's. From Enemies to Friends to Best friends to Spouses to Strangers, their journey is similar to that of any teenager. But does love come with a personal handbook? Will Suhas drive away Ela from her goal? Does falling in love always have positive consequences?

At a career driven age, will love stand? 

At the age where nothing is cooler than losing virginity, will love manage to conquer? 

At the age where 69 is more than just number, will love try to seep in? 

Join that feeling of being in true love for the first time through this raw and unfiltered tale.” 

With a cheeky tagline ‘WE ARE FOREVER’ the novel says a lot ever before it begins. The authoress has made it a point to expose the reality of this generation’s love. The story opens with a perfectly written Author’s Note that says in clear words that love doesn’t exist in this age.

Relationships are easy to make but difficult to accommodate these days. The story moves around Ela and Suhas and their almost perfect fairytale romance. It goes from how they met, to how they ended up fighting with each other and how they finally became friends.

Adulterated Love is a journey of Ela and Suhas and illustrates how they fell for each other, how they realized different priorities of life. How they fell apart due to the different callings and how they eventually realized each other’s value.

The only thing that seemed a little incomplete was the climax. Overall, a great effort at her age, though the language has a lot of scope for improvement. I guess young readers will definitely enjoy indulging in this book.

The 143 page book contains a prologue, 20 chapters and an epilogue. The story is quite touching. It will make your heart melt with love. The way Ela’s character has been described is what I really loved. I also liked how Udita has divided the book in 3 Acts – Before relationship, During relationship, and After relationship.

I also loved the use of hashtags and the pointers.

‘Yay’ Factors: The plot, and the characters.

‘Nay’ Factors: The climax could have been more shaped up.

This is a very quick read, probably 2-3 hours would be enough to read it. Perfect during travelling or late nights! I recommend this book to all those who want something light to read, especially the new readers. Best wishes to her for her future works!

Ratings: 3.5/5

Buying Link: Infibeam

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Bad Romance - Book Review

Bad Romance
By Harshita Srivastava
Review By Ila Garg

Bad Romance, is a special book for a number of reasons, one of them being the authoress is a good friend of mine. Published by Gargi Publishers, a fast progressing self-publishing house, the book has an amazing cover. The colors and sequence is so perfectly chosen by Amol Karambe. It’s a big turn on and you know that yes this is a good book without even flipping the pages. The quality is obviously one of the best in the recent book industry. The title is well chosen and reflects the turmoil that awaits you! 

A full-time writer, Harshita Srivastava is known for her debut novel ‘One in a Million’ published by Mahaveer Publishers in April 2013. Read the complete review here. In addition to her various achievements, Harshita is an avid reader and a prolific blogger. She loves reading classics and is a die-hard Mills and Boons fan. Apart from writing, she loves travelling, reading, listening to music and spending time with friends and family. At present, she resides in Gurgaon and works as a Content Writer with a leading e-commerce group. Bad Romance is her second book.

The blurb reads as, “Life is a bitch and I’m one of its victims. I had the perfect life. I was blessed with the perfect boyfriend, a perfect best friend, the perfect set of girlfriends and perfect choice of career. There were some loopholes but then they went beyond my perspective. Overall, I had the kind of life people would ideally like to have but happy times aren’t meant to last forever.

Sometimes we feel that we have figured life but that’s something that is never going to happen. You know why? It’s because it has this habit of kicking us right in the middle of ecstasy. No wonder, it did the same with me.

This is my story, my story of that exploration within, my feelings, my emotions, my thought process, my priorities, my conflicts and my journey into the temptation of love, lust, lies and betrayals. This is the story of Kritika and a man who gave her life another dimension, Tanishq. This is a story of the complexities of relationships and the trap that a simple idea of sensuality, pleasure and euphoria can put you into. This is a story for everyone who has loved, lost and fought for survival and love, together.”

With an apt tagline ‘Love, Lies, and Betrayal’ the novel moves at a comfortable pace and narrates the plight of a young girl, Kritika who moves to Greater Noida with dreams of becoming an RJ and to pursue her engineering. The story has a good grip and justifies the tagline perfectly. Harshita has used a very harsh narrative to convey the story of her protagonist’s life at the hostel. Her friends and the betrayal she suffers in her love life add to the spice.

‘Bad Romance’ is a quest for true love and like her debut novel, the plot of this book remains the strongest point. The characterization of Kritika and Tanishq and the realistic descriptions score the brownie points here. Harshita is an experienced author and may be this came to her aid when she penned down this beautiful but tragic story. It well exposes the gory details of a relationship in this fast paced ignorant world.

The only thing that irked me throughout was so many errors in the script. The name goof ups and paragraph repetitions were a big put off or perhaps I had high expectations after reading the debut book. Anyway, if readers just focus on the story and are ready to be oblivious of these mistakes here and there, they will definitely enjoy this one.

The 159 page book takes you along with it and makes you vividly see all the events taking place in front of you. The story is quite touching and the main reason that I loved this book is the sheer realism with which Harshita makes her way into the readers’ heart.

The book has some more drawbacks as it gets predictable towards the end. However, Harshita doesn’t let her readers down as there’s never a dull moment while you are reading this book. Every word arouses your interest in the story and you become one with the protagonist as you keep turning the pages.

‘Yay’ Factors: The plot, the realism, the characters.

‘Nay’ Factors: The minute errors as mentioned above.

This is a very quick read, probably 2-3 hours would be enough to read it. Perfect during travelling or late nights! I recommend this book to all those who have suffered betrayals in love or have lost hopes in the face of lies. Harshita has once again proved her mettle. The way she has captured all the intricate emotions of a dejected heart, kept me glued to this book till the end and reminded me of the similar style in her debut book.

Ratings: 3.25/5

Buying Links: Infibeam | Amazon | Flipkart