Thursday, October 8, 2015

Tonight I feel...

Tonight, I feel hollow inside, 
Like something has broken beyond repair. 
Darkness has taken over the light, 
As I feel trapped in an endless tunnel. 
They say that at the end of the tunnel, 
You shall find the light that you seek. 
But I seem to have lost direction, 
As I keep coming back to where it all began! 
I hear faint voices, but no one hears me. 
I bleed but no one is there to heal me.
So I choose to use my blood as ink, 
To give vent to the pain flooding inside me. 
I cry endlessly, but it is all in vain, 
I want to be hugged so tight; 
That the pain in my heart subdues. 
I want to be rescued tonight, 
So that my heart can beat again. 
And then my heartbeats can mingle, 
And create a symphony with my beholder. 
No promises, no strings attached! 
As they only cause pain and hurt. 
Tonight I choose to bear it all, 
Only in hope of a better tomorrow...

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