Monday, October 19, 2015

In your arms...

I love the feeling of being in your arms,
I feel safe in your embrace, in your warmth.
The way you look at me is special, it disarms,
Your lips on mine are gentle, soft, and irresistible.

Something in me breaks every time;
you go silent, I can cry oceans but then;
I close my eyes, only to find you there in my rhyme,
And then I crave to hear that soothing voice of yours!

I love to see 'us' as one and not fragmented,
Yet I call off each time only to hurt myself more than you.
And for all this pain, I apologize. You keep me grounded,
away from harm when all I want is to be 'me'.

I don't wish to give up on 'us', and I won't,
I will continue to see the dream that I once shunned.
Because your alluring eyes continue to haunt,
And your voice is still resounding in my ears.

Many a times, your feelings you have unfurled,
You left me craving for more when you put down the pen.
And yes, we can be two people for the world,
But in the moment we kissed, our souls united as 'one'!

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