Sunday, July 26, 2015

What has changed after 16 years of kargil war?

Kargil... a single word with a gamut of emotions associated with it. Indeed, it instills a feeling of pride among the Army Regiments while the families of martyrs have a mixed feeling as they remember the war that shook the entire nation.

The countrymen perhaps remember the war and the heroes for a while but they soon dissolve the memories as other things around keep them distracted. The government... well... they choose to use it for their personal vote bank.

I, being a writer choose to exert the power of the mighty pen to ink the sacrifice of these war heroes so that they become immortal (as they already are). It's only words, after all, that I have to remember them. So, with my heart cringing in pain and eyes filled with tears, I set to write one more time, wishing to contribute in some way...

It was the year of 1999 when the uncanny happenings took place. I was only a 8-years-old child, unable to understand the crucial situation. But after 16 years, when I look at the war fronts, I can only imagine how challenging it was for our young warriors to risk their lives. They spent sleepless nights to ensure we sleep peacefully. They fought with great tenacity so that they can save the pride of the tri-colour flag and keep it fluttering across the blue sky.

They were not afraid to die, not afraid to leave their families behind, not afraid to have some unfulfilled love stories, not afraid to part with a 'normal' life - all because they were not ordinary, they were extraordinary humans. They were Gods born in the disguise of humans! Who else can die selflessly? Not me, not you, but they did... They scaled the icy peaks, not bothering about their personal safety, they faced the bullets head-on. And what did they get in return for their supreme sacrifice?

For them, opening their wallet to see the picture of their family was equivalent to meeting them, touching the picture while preventing the teardrop from falling meant hugging them, and when that didn't feel enough they kissed the picture and hoped to see them someday! However, some of these soldiers had to leave the world with this hope hidden deep in their heart and caressing the picture of their loved ones with their blood-stained hands, bidding them a 'goodbye', hoping for their well-being. Even in their last breath, they didn't wish for themselves but said a prayer for the nation, the victory!

Today, as we celebrate 16 years of Kargil victory, the 16th Kargil War Diwas, we have forgotten what they did, what they left behind, why they did it. Most of us don't even know who these soldiers were and how did the families managed to bear such a huge loss. It's a shame when the government turns a blind eye to them and the denizens are too busy to come forward when the need arises.

It's sad to see that the situation of Army too hasn't improved over the years. They are still short of ammunition. Also, it's a hard-hitting sight to see them protesting, fighting for their right even after retirement. Yes, I'm talking about OROP.

Anyhow, it is never too late. Let us remember and include them in our prayers and if possible keep them alive in our hearts.

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  1. Thanks Ila! I was a young student when war broke out..
    No one has a bigger heart than a volunteer.. They made us proud, did something which was next to impossible. Even these sons of our motherland surprised enemy. Pakistanis higher command had never expected so much determination from an Indian Soldier. Salutations..