Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sanskrit: Why are we failing to keep the lamp burning?

Sanskrit is one language that our ancestors have left us with but so far what have we done with it? Nothing! We have degraded the language and still continue to neglect it most of the time.

All our ancient scriptures are written in the pious language of Sanskrit. At one point of time, it was considered the language of Brahmins, a language to be respected. It was a privilege to learn and converse in the language. Even speculations were raised to make it India’s national language but they were soon dismissed.

Plight is such that today, the youngsters run away from the language and are happily adapting to the English language as it appears trendier in comparison. Sanskrit has been marginalized as a result and English is soon replacing its earlier status. The lamp lit in reverence of Sanskrit language is now flickering by the strong tides and winds of Western culture.

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One of the major reason for the degrading status of Sanskrit language can be the rejection of Indian culture by the teenagers. They are no longer inclined towards their own culture as the fascination of West has taken over their mindsets.

Today, a degree in Sanskrit language holds no importance. The teachers teaching the language don’t have the same status as the ones who teach English. As soon as the students are given the choice between Sanskrit, Hindi, and sometimes even French, they either choose Hindi or French, but Sanskrit is always a big ‘no’. So where are we going wrong?

The country and the citizens are going through a major change and though this change is not that bad, but the roots should not be let lose else in no time, the tree dies out. This simple logic is often ignored by the natives. The keepers of the language that is, the Brahmins and the priests are themselves becoming a part of the corrupted society. This has made the common men directionless and unable to decide what’s best for them. Knowing English language is a good thing, in fact, in today’s world it is necessary to know it since it is the official language, but breaking ties with the cultural language is not the right thing. However, with globalization seeping in, it’s hard to keep the cultural ties intact.

I believe, people are blinded by the charm of the English language and the Western culture that is leaving them with no time to reconnect with their oldest language. The language is undeniably losing its relevance and nobody cares.

Though there seems to be no hope left for the rekindling of the love and respect for the Sanskrit language, yet in my opinion, if we continue to bring in more experimental ways to highlight the essential and interesting aspects of the language, we can retrieve back. Denizens of India need to revisit history and understand that what they are moving away from is not just a language, but a cultural history in itself.

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