Monday, June 8, 2015

How To Choose That Perfect Dress For Your Birthday!

Hi my lovelies,

So today we are going to talk about that perfect dress you have been searching for your birthday or similar occasions. Being a girl, you ought to indulge in the process of shopping but with rising mercury levels, you can’t afford to roam around mindlessly from shop to shop. Need of the hour is to make this shopping experience hassle free and at the same time, look your best on your day!

Shopping smartly should be your key. You should also keep the following tips in mind while looking for your special dress. You can treat it as your check list:

1)      Know your Body: While shopping for a dress, you must be aware of your flaws. For instance, if your arms are dull (or tanned) and you aren't feeling too confident about them, try to look for an outfit that has transparent sleeves for a somber effect. Also, if you have bulky thighs, you can consider avoiding tight jeans, instead go for a long dress or pair your jeans with a long top. Try getting darker shades to look slimmer.

2)      Remember, you are going to be the center of attraction: It’s your day. Whatever you wear should reflect ‘you’ and your personality. Don’t try to imitate someone by buying the wrong dress that is just not made for you. Know your flaws, it will make it easier for you to downplay them. Know yourself and try to dress accordingly. That doesn't mean you need to play safe, don’t hesitate to experiment a bit. Perhaps, you can try new trends.

3)      Be comfortable: Your comfort should not be compromised with in any case. Even after wearing a designer piece if you are dicey about it, it will immediately show on your face and the whole effect will be lost in seconds. Comfort, therefore should be your priority. Go for a one piece only if you are confident enough to carry it well. Your dress should not look forced.

4)      Don’t forget to accessorize: Accessories are a must but don’t overdo them. You might be willing to try the long tussle earrings or the feather earrings that have been trending for a while but make sure they suit your outfit and your face-cut. You can try adding a watch to accentuate the look. Don’t wear too many jewels, for one, they add to discomfort and two, they will make you look gaudy and the attention will be dispersed. Also, choose the right bag to carry along.

5)      Buy the right size: Don’t make the mistake of buying one size smaller to your actual size. That won’t ever make you look slimmer, instead it will highlight your fat areas. Always buy the best fit for your body. Also, buy according to your body type. Not every dress will look good on you. For instance, jumpsuits look good but only on tall and slim bodies.

6)      Pair with right Footwear: As important as the dress is, the footwear can change the entire look. You can never wear sports shoes with a gown or you will be the next rage in the ‘fashion faux pas’ columns. If you are not too comfortable in pencil heels, try wedge heels. They look good and offer a better support.

To avoid the summer heat, you may want to try the online shopping. They have large variety with proper information and reasonable prices too. But if you don’t have much time then it’s best to avoid this option. Happy shopping, girls! Be beautiful… Bling on… always and forever!


Ila Garg

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