Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Good News for Cricket Freaks!

Cricket is perhaps one of those few things that connect all Indians irrespective of caste and class barriers. Cricket is therefore, a force like no other in our country. The denizens of this country love to go overboard when it comes to cricket. They take it as a reason to skip work, postpone family get-together, bunk their tuition, and sometimes even go to an extent of cancelling a date.

So, are you one of those who is glued to the TV set on the day of a cricket match? Does the sound of cricket cheers you up? Can you leave everything behind for the love of the game? Do you curse the browser speed when you are unable to check live scores? Then, yes, my friend, you are the ‘Cricket Buff’ and here’s a good news for you. UC Browser is in the market to be your all-time companion in seconds.

You keep on cancelling things for the match, don’t you? But the after effects can cause serious troubles at times. For instance, missing a date because of a game of cricket will ensure a breakup in most cases. To avoid this, now with UC Browser you can watch cricket anywhere, anytime. The browser offers a very fast speed and has some really engaging features. Also, you can access this browse easily on PC as well as your smartphones and tablets. It can be downloaded on android, iphone, symbian, java, windows phone, etc.

With its UC Cricket tool, you can stay connected to the game while still enjoying other activities. Isn’t it cool? This means having fun along with fulfilling duties. Can you even ask for more?

Surfing won’t be a pain anymore as the browsing speed offered by UC Browser is great. It’s faster, easier to use with seamless transitions. You can surf anything and everything on this browser. It can be easily downloaded from here and used when required. Also, with its popular featured tool - UC Cricket, you can now have everything about cricket in one place. The tool is an exclusive space dedicated for every cricket fan, connecting them to the match wherever they are.
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UC Browser provide the best cricket service in India including ‘Live Scores’ and ‘Latest News’.
Want to check the score? No need to Google anymore! Yes, you heard it right. Forget Google, there’s something better and it is called UC Browser.

Using it is very simple too. All you have to do is open UC Browser, and you see a home-screen, where you can easily find “UC Cricket” with a blue icon. Click there and unleash your cricket mania. It has some great features which include live scores with auto update, fixture and result, latest news, and videos.

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