Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A sweeter alternative!

Have you got a sweet tooth? Does the sight of ice creams and smoothies melt your heart? And you want extra sugar in your tea or coffee? So here comes the time to gorge on a spoonful of honey. Relax, you won’t gain weight, instead you will lose it. Yes, I’m not high!

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With winters round the corner, we tend to eat more than required and therefore many of us gain unnecessary weight. We tend to regret that when the summers arrive and then it is difficult to accommodate a diet plan in our busy schedule.

Dabur introduces the Honey Diet to make weight management an easier task. Honey is perhaps the best sugar substitute available. Crash diets often result is weakness as this diet lack in nutrition while Honey Diet has no such deficiency. In addition, it has several health benefits that we tend to overlook. Here’s a list of few of them:     
1)      Keeps a check on the weight: This is perhaps the most crucial benefit. We all want to stay healthy and fit and when we can achieve it by including Dabur Honey in our diet plan than we have all the more reasons to smile. A Spoon of honey taken with warm water in the morning is traditionally known to be highly useful in weight management. You can also add a dash of lemon to it for faster results. 
2)      Is a great sugar substitute: As mentioned above, honey is a healthier substitute to sugar. Sugar is more fattening and also is less sweet than honey. Honey on the other hand, is more beneficial as it retains the nutrients.

3)      Indispensable source of energy: Unlike crash diets that result in a lot of weakness, honey is widely known as a good source of energy. It has nutrients that lack in sugar. Also, it has natural sweetness and the carbohydrates present in honey are easier to digest.

4)      Helps in digestion: Many of us, often suffer from indigestion. But here, honey comes to the rescue. You can add honey to your regular diet to aid in digestion. You will never have trouble digesting food after that. 

5)      Cures in cough and cold: Honey is a cure for almost everything. It helps in not only indigestion, but aides in curing cough, cold, and throat irritation. It is a solution that every household should implement. 

6)      Retains the skin glow: Want a natural looking skin? Try honey for it is highly useful in retaining the natural glow of your skin. It has moisturizing and nourishing properties that are beneficial for the skin.

Dabur Honey is determined to make your life sweeter by introducing several recipes by famous Chef Vikas Khanna on their website. You can try these and satisfy your appetite while burning fat and retaining a younger looking skin.

Image Source: http://www.daburhoney.com/

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