Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Kapil Dev Effect!

Out of all games, cricket holds a special place in the hearts of every Indian. I don't remember a single Indian who wasn't hooked to the screen while the World Cup was on and the moment when Sachin Tendulkar bid adieu to cricket. So heartbreaking! Whenever in my nostalia, I rewind that moment, I feel hollow. After all it was a huge loss for the game. Sachin Tendulkar is the God of Cricket, and no less. And legends like him never retire. They can stop playing for the team but they can't stop playing for themselves. Now, with another legendary cricketer, Kapil Dev announcing the Ek Nayi League of course things are thankfully going to storm up a little bit... We have IPL, and several other leagues but this upcoming league has really intrigued me.

The promotional teasers are short and crisp and have inspired me to do an instant research on the subject to get some in-depth details. The first thing I did after browsing through the videos was to quickly follow Kapil Dev on twitter to stay updated before I start making my guesses. What are the first tips that you will give to a budding sportsperson? Perhaps, you will tell them to play with all their heart, right? But in its stark contrast, Kapil Dev candidly warns that play with your heart and be ready for a googly!

Now, I must confess I didn't like cricket much but as soon as I held the bat in my hands and played the first ball, it left me appalled. The way all the onlookers are caught in awe, the moment they see a bat and a ball is fascinating. I felt the best while bowling though. That was also the moment when I finally enjoyed watching the game with my papa and bhai. The game soon became an important part of my life. The sheer dedication towards the game led me to follow the league and then the addiction kept increasing with time. Current IPL season has attracted my attention because of none other than Shahrukh Khan owning KKR. For me, the magic between the wickets is unparalleled when KKR steps out to play.

Moreover, this #EkNayiLeague sounds so damn exciting. From what little he has revealed in the promos, it seems that he is bringing together the retired legends of the game. After all, they can't lose their zeal at any age, being priceless as they are! In a way, this league will surely bring out some new trends in the game. On second thoughts, it could be some sort of quiz on sports or a panel discussion. It might be a learning experience for some, while for others it can be a source of revival and enjoyment. Whatever it will be, I am sure that cricket fans from all across the globe would be waiting for Kapil Dev to divulge some more details on it. I am checking my twitter every now and then for his much awaited words on this.


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    1. Thank you :) Keep reading and giving your feedback. You can also follow the blog for regular updates. Cheers!