Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother: My First Expert

So it is mother's day, that day of the year when we finally take out time for the one who doesn't ever look at time when we want her by our side. One can never cherish all the memories that they share with their mothers. After all, even before we enter this world, we develop a relation with her, an unsaid bond. She knows everything about us, even when we can't tell her anything. She understands when we need to talk, when we just need a hug, or when we want some space of our own. She becomes our closest friend, our companion and someone who will always be there even when everyone else turns their back at us.

Here's a poem for her that I wrote long back and keep dedicating it to her every time.

I know I haven't always been an easy child,
But love for you lies deep down in my heart.
There is no way I could be tamed or be mild,
I need to shout at times and be apart.
You're my everything, yet I'm not always right,
You are the wall; the force to test my strength,
The chain I hammer at with all my might,
Even though you have increased its length.
It's tough, I know, to be so calm and not be mad,
To raise me after all the jitters, and tad bliss,
To have to play at once good and bad,
Even after being angry, you give me a goodnight kiss.
But love against all odds is stronger still,
I need your untainted, pure love, and always will.

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