Friday, May 15, 2015

Airtel App and Me :)

I have been using airtel for as long as I have held a mobile phone in my hand. The number has been special for me. So when I came across the airtel app, I was ecstatic. No more recharge worries while I'm travelling. Of course we had internet facility before this but the app is always a faster option. Also, when we are low on balance, we often tend to lose patience to enter details for the recharge but the app can safely store your details and you can easily recharge with just a few clicks. You can save the frequently used options in a shortcut tab and even make shortcuts for your bill payments, customized recharge packs, ordering games, check data usage, and other such options.

1. In addition, the app has an option of ‘Airtel Surprises’. And who doesn’t love surprises after all? The user can receive surprises from airtel in form of coupons that we can avail for with every recharge. There are a lot of redeemable coupons across various categories. The coupons include popular brands like PVR Cinemas, Café Coffee Day,,, Archies, VLCC, etc. Also, being a book lover, the app has a great option for me in the form of discount coupons from FLIPKART and Amazon from where I shop for most of the books. Definitely, people can use these coupons to buy other things as well.

2. That’s not all. We are often in a dilemma about the online transactions and especially sharing the card details on any such platform. However, the app if safe and secure to make the transactions. We can store card details without worries. It offers a personalized user experience and doesn’t let you down. It has a host of other delightful services like adding or removing airtel services, exploring airtel live (also known as One Touch Internet), and you can also get alerts on low balance, low data, due dates for bill payment, etc. There are options to check out the latest news and regular sports update.

3. The app can be downloaded easily on Android and it will be soon available on IOS, Windows, Nokia, and Blackberry handsets. It will make your life hassle free. The user can receive exclusive offers with just a simple shake of your handset. It has advantages for cash-back, free data, and full talk time facilities to enhance its credibility. So far the reviews for this app have been good and quick updates are being made every time any loophole emerges. A lot of times, it has come in handy and reduced the creases on my forehead.

Perhaps, this app will soon become my favorite app on the android. Till then, I am keen on exploring all its features and recommend it to my friends to resolve their recharge problems.

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