Monday, April 6, 2015

The Girl who hasn't lost 'hope' :)

From a window, I could only see sunlight entering in my dull room and suddenly brightening everything around. And then, at night the tube-light takes care of illuminating the surroundings or sometimes, I switch it off to sit in the aura of the calm moonlight. I have got some random books here that I re-read a lot many times only to discover new things in them. I had read a poem called "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" just a few years ago in school but I can't clearly see any stars from my small window. My food is served right in my room and I am hardly allowed to interact with anyone. No points for guessing that I have no friends.

My mother comes in my room often and look at me, sympathetically. After some seconds or probably minutes, she leaves too. It has exactly been 5 months and 4 days since I have not stepped out. My father hardly looks at me, he only loves my twin brother who enjoys this attention. He gets all the good gifts and I am not so lucky in that matter. But I don't want gifts. I just want some love and I am hopeful of getting that someday soon. Compassion is a feeling that every individual should possess irrespective of the gender with which they are dealing. However, my mother and father still value old thoughts and thus, they believe I don't need to be educated beyond a certain age. I loved school and always excelled in my academics. But my brother is an average child and my father could not see me outstanding him so he decided that I've studied enough.

I did protest during the initial days. I acted my age and cried, hoping to grab their attention. Children are adamant after all, and sometimes parents have to give in to their demands. I thought that to be true so I did all I could to ensure that they let me go to school, make new friends, learn new things, and look up at the sky and see the stars shining above me. From this window, I merely see the light, and hear happy sounds of children playing outside. At times, a bird stops by and chirps at me. It must be laughing at me or might be trying to say an encouraging word. I envy its freedom. But then, I read in a book that these birds are often caged too and yet they live in a hope of reaching the sky someday. And that has kept me inspired for all these months. When I look at a bird now, I only tell her - 'Wait for me, I'll be there soon!'

- The Girl who hasn't lost 'hope'


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