Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Look Stylish with 'S N U - Own Your Style' #BlingOn

Recently, I had a word with another online store 'S N U - Own Your Style'. As cool as the name sounds, the products are cooler. Style seems to be their central motive! 

Have a look at the products which are not only unique but can pep up your look in minutes.

A new emerging trend is of adorning bodychains and this store has them in many styles to glam up your simple attire. You can wear them with your LBDs and be the show stoppers at parties. With a bodychain hugging your body frame, no other accessory is needed. I tried this hamsa bodychain and it looked lovely. It also accentuates your figure! Want more reasons to flaunt it? Well, the hamsa is believed to provide defense against the evil eye too.  

S 'N' U - Own Your Sytle operates from Instagram and Facebook to showcase their stuff and promise to deliver the products at your doorsteps (sometimes free of charge while at times, they do this at a nominal amount) but it's totally worth it. This store is run by a vivacious mother - Swati. She showered me with some of her exquisite pieces which I'm in love with and can't stop drooling over. 

Apart from bodychains, they have handchains, headchains (that make you look like a princess without much efforts), earcuffs, midi rings, pendant, long dangling earrings, and what not! You can spend hours going gaga over the stuff that they have got. The packaging was good too unlike some other stores that send the stuff packed in envelopes, they send the jewels in a nice box. It adds to the delight of unpacking. The midi rings looked so fab that I couldn't wait for an occasion to wear them and hurriedly tried them on. It was an absolute bliss! For fashion lovers, the bodychain is a must in the collection since it looks so perky. The cherry on the cake is the price of the products. The hamsa bodychain that I am presently crushing on is just Rs. 250 (worth every penny), the midi rings that look super cool are for just Rs. 250 too (isn't that awesome?), and the earcuff that can be paired nicely with a simple top and jeans to look trendy can be grabbed for Rs. 330. Yay or Nay?

This not only looks stylish but is comfortable to put on throughout the day. You must try this one to begin with.

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