Saturday, March 14, 2015

From dark to light! #together

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It was a gloomy winter day of 2009 when I decided to stay put at my home, not wanting to face the world that stood at large, waiting to make me feel small, questioning my strengths, and demeaning me in that process.

Yes, I could have chosen to be a little optimistic and walk like nothing happened but then I was taken aback by the events that unfolded before me. I was shattered to see my dreams going down the drain! All I wanted was that one chance that could perhaps change my world for better but suddenly I felt defeated, all alone against the cruel world. Now, all this may sound a bit melodramatic but then I could not deny the reality. So, I closed myself in the comfort of my home, my peaceful haven; not sure of what the future had in store for me!

Amidst all the turmoil that I was going through that day, my best friend who was my sole confidant intervened my space, not seeing any other way to help me hold myself together. She came into my dead world to lighten up everything once again and fill it with cheers. She insisted me on speaking my heart out, she encouraged me with her kind words over the cup of coffee (just the way I like) to ponder upon my feelings. After all, it was just a change of plans, not a big deal... She motivated me to face the situation rather than shutting myself to all the happiness. She showed me the way, a path that could brighten up the things again. I had failed once, but I can't fail twice, not if I remain optimistic and be ready to put in some productive efforts.

Her words, her company, and the way she smiled at me without judging me - all of that lifted up my mood and I was re-born with a new found hope. I chalked out a plan to traverse on the crossroad ahead of me and remain positive about it.

Deep down, I know I could never have taken that first step without her by my side. Her company and the power that she brushed upon me that day, the inspiration that she left me with were very essential to me. That gloomy winter day made me realize how beautiful the bond of friendship is that we continue to share till date and how my dear friend is my ray of hope among all darkness that sometimes tries to engulf me but has to go back, feeling defeated.

That sweet little nudge from her was all that I needed back then to believe that optimism is the greatest strength, it can help face any adversity. It brought me out of my sadness and motivated me to hug my life again, and this time with more zeal. Yes, the optimism that she gave me that day helped me revitalize my whole future. I will forever cherish the #memories and the #togetherness of that day because it helped me to be what I am today!

Let's all take out time to be #together with our family, friends, and loved ones. Let's start this journey here, Together - Meet the New Housing. :)

~ One day, everything will make sense. Until then, dance on! ~

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