Sunday, March 22, 2015

Few of my favorite things :)

So, I sat under the moonlit sky, pondering on what happiness means to me. Yes, happiness has indeed got different meanings for different people. For me, happiness is staying close to my brother, bringing a smile on my parents' face, and yes buying gifts for them. Because I feel a sense of achievement when I see them smiling and I am the reason behind it. It instantly makes me feel proud of myself. 

Apart from this, a sense of faith that someone somewhere exists who will truly love me and make me believe that I'm the best thing that has happened to him. And that he breaths under the same sky makes me blush even more! The wait for true love to hit you can be romantic too. *wink*

Chocolate and ice cream - the stress busters are always welcome to add happiness to my life along with pizza and cold drink to go with it. And then there are the small little things that we often let go unnoticed... these things are like fresh air and can take away all the gloom in seconds. The morning dewdrops on flowers looking like pearls, snowflakes in winters falling like cotton, the romantic drizzle that vanishes all pain, the fragrance of the wet sand, reading a good book with a cup of hot coffee while tucked in a cozy blanket, or picking up my pencils to make a sketch... everything feels heavenly. 

Playing with my cousin's dog and clicking his pictures, pouting with friends for a selfie, laughing like a carefree baby, crinkle my nose at the silly thoughts, and then tickling my best friend to annoy her all these things make me happy.

That's not all. Recently, I experienced a different kind of happiness that felt eternal. Spending a day at the orphanage, listening to them is such an unparalleled moment of untainted joy. Eating with them, playing with them and simply looking at their maturity made me feel so delighted. And when they let me hold their pet 'rabbit'... oh the bliss! I can never put that feeling in words because they flaunted the rabbit in front of me as if they are showcasing priceless diamonds. In that moment, I realized how small little things can be bigger than the biggest things in life as they hold so much importance in somebody's life. 

So, whenever I'm feeling a little low or sad, I simply remember one of my many favorite things, and then I don't feel so bad! In fact, I feel refreshed to indulge in many more naughty tricks and pranks. While recollecting happy moments from past, I end up creating more such moments in present, perhaps to cherish in future!

And when it comes to cherishing the moments and make them memorable, what better than gathering over a canteen table and make some noise, laugh endlessly along with 'thanda matlab coca cola'. :) After all, it's not rocket-science to be happy and make others happy! #Iamhappy

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