Saturday, March 21, 2015

#ChooseToStart with Moto E

First is a first after all, and that is why they are so special to us... the first travel experience, the first crush, the first friend, the first school, and of course that first mobile phone that we all seem to cherish for an eternity. Why do we do that? Well, because we made a lot of efforts to get our parents' permission to buy one. *wink*

So, my first phone happened when I was in class eleventh. Coincidentally, it was a Motorola W220 and I confess, I chose it because of its stylish look and yes the flap cover. I used it for almost one year before going for more advanced options. I remember how I took extra care of that phone, not letting it go out of my sight, and the fun of exchanging messages in that self developed SMS language is unforgettable. How I miss those days when I sneaked the phone in my coaching classes and all my friends crowded around me as we switched to the FM to hear the latest songs. Soon, as school got over, the market kept filling with newer technologies. Android phones flooded the market and as the choices increased, my confusion kept fuming up too.

Every phone looked attractive but the price tag kept me wondering... Until many companies started launching phones at an affordable price. In the midst of this, Motorola launched Moto G, Moto E, and many more smartphones that have a variety of features and are user friendly too.

Now, as I am doing my masters, if I get a chance to #ChooseToStart with Moto E, I would obviously be keen on exploring some of its features like the selfie cam. The love for selfies has overpowered me off late and the first thing that I would want with Moto E would be a selfie test. Then, comes the navigation as I never happen to remember routes. The app certainly comes in handy at the time of traveling at odd hours, esp. being a girl in a city like delhi.

I love reading on the go, and the 4.5 inch display of Moto E would be perfect to open my documents and read or even edit while sitting for long hours in the metro. In today's world, hardly any one can imagine a phone without wi-fi and the need to be active on social networking sites is there too. So much so, that couple of mail ids are always open and the facebook and twitter are logged in. When I will #ChooseToStart with Moto E, I will make sure that I explore all its features to the hilt and give a direction to the world of possibilities.

I am not a gaming fan but when it comes to passing time, a few games pre-installed on the handset are a relief. Its quad core processor makes sure the phone runs at a super fast speed all the time. I am quite vivacious in my moods and choices and therefore the vibrancy that Moto E offers is super tempting - yes the phone can be personalized to match your style as there are 6 colorful bands to choose from. Now, battery life has always been an issue making us cringe all the time, but yahoo Moto E is here to bring a smile on your face. This phone doesn't consume much battery while running all the apps, so one can enjoy the smartphone experience without the battery issue coming in way.

I don't want to compromise with the quality, experience, or style and that is why I #ChooseToStart with Moto E as soon as possible.

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