Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Breakfast worries resolved :)

A healthy breakfast is a must to start your day with great vigour. It should not be skipped even when you are running late. But we don't always have many delicious options when it comes to daily breakfast. Repeating the same age old menus adds to the boredom and thus we tend to not enjoy the meal. And with small kids this comes across as the biggest worry - "What's for the breakfast?"

While I enjoy eating street food and anything that is delicious, but the tension of gaining weight keeps me worried all the time. For the past few months, I am keeping a strict check on my weight. And for that purpose, I make sure my breakfast is diet-friendly and offers all the nutrients in as tasty form as possible. Colors play an important role too. The food should be welcoming! I like my food to be colorful because the more vibrant the food is, the more willing you are to eat it. Nothing’s better than food that’s a treat to both your eyes and mouth simultaneously. I believe that it is with the eyes that you first decide whether to taste that meal or not. If you see the same food looking different every day, the keenness to explore its taste manifolds and you end up with a happy and filled stomach.

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Kellogg's Waale Guptaji ka Nashta has recently inspired me to experiment with my own breakfast recipes. They have over a 100 mouth-watering recipes in their kitty, no wonder everybody want an invitation for breakfast at their house. Being a foodie, it was very difficult decision for me to give up on the regular fattening meals and switch to bland salads and plain vegetables and fruits.

Then, I decided to treat myself with Kellogg's Cornflakes. But not just cornflakes, I added chocolate and walnut to it to make it lip smacking! And that's not all... The next day I changed it completely by adding bananas and strawberries to it. Taste and health together in a bowl, what can be more delightful? After a long workday, I often want to eat light and take rest as heavy meals can make you feel more lethargic and adds unnecessary calories. I prefer adding few veggies and fruits to the bowl of cornflakes and enjoy it while sipping a cup of green tea. At times, I add honey to sweeten it. It is refreshing as well as a healthy option.

It's a meal that every age group can customize to match their taste buds and relish. Also, it's easy and quick to make, not letting you skip on your breakfast even when you are in a hurry to get to your work.

So, are you guys ready to experiment and lavish on a bowl full of health and happiness? Check out the awesome blossom recipes here :)

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