Tuesday, March 17, 2015

And that made all the difference...

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Changes, small or big, are part and parcel of our lives. Even as I am vigorously typing in this blog post, something around me is changing, evolving. May be it’s me, who is recollecting a life changing experience that I went through and in that process realizing how necessary that first step was! Every second, time changes, so does the situation, our emotions and many more things. From childhood to adulthood, our body grows and our mind accompanies it. We dream and our dreams as Sigmund Freud has said have different interpretations.
Not everyone is bold enough to face the challenges that these dreams pose on us and thus, many of us often quit the path midway. However, I was not born to give up on my ambitions, without fighting. So when everyone turned deaf to my needs, I decided to make my own way! I was always fascinating by words, the power to express through writings always mesmerized me. May be that’s the reason why I took to my laptop at the first place. My parents never liked my prolong laptop uses, but I was adamant to prove that it’s not going to be a futile task in the long run.
I keyed in day and night, and soon with all my efforts I managed to complete my first book in just two months. After that, I gained ample confidence and never ceased to give words to my imagination. I wrote a couple of short stories over the next few months. I read voraciously and acquired the knowledge. Every book seemed to cast a varied spell on me and I was enamored by a couple of authors.
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I decided to work as a freelancer and in no time, as I marketed my skills through social media, offers started pouring in. I got few editing projects and I passionately completely each one of them. These projects got me enough income, sitting at the comfort of my home and finally I made my parents realize that I can be good at something too, that all my efforts were not going vain, that if I decide to put my mind to something I can definitely be successful. I can’t take the sole credit for this though, a lot many friends guided me through this path and helped me reach my dream.
Now, I am not saying that you should not listen to your parents but you should show them that the changes you are bringing in your life are shaping your future in a positive way. One has to understand that there are few involuntary changes around us too (situational changes, any unfortunate events, unexpected failures, etc.) but if you keep hoping to reach the destination, you will. Breath, be optimistic, enjoy, dance when you can, and be willing to accept the changes around you. Be open to new ideas, you never know what might act as a game changer for you!
Start A New Life, for the change starts here!

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