Monday, February 9, 2015

Someone Like You!

After long staring at the blank page,
I finally began to pen down a montage.
While thinking about you, about us,
So many feelings effortlessly gush.

Just wondering how some people connect so soon,
Discovering a friend in you was a perfect boon.
You are oh! So my type, happy go lucky,
Now I have someone when life goes tricky!

It’s strange that sometimes years of friendship breaks,
And few, like us builds strong with every take.
It’s something special that we share,
It’s beyond the usual care.

You are a guy with those nice, shining eyes,
A true friend, a saviour in disguise.
Amongst everyone whom we earlier picked,
Only something about us just clicked.

They say that opposite sex can never be friends,
But we will be this way till the end.
You are a good listener,
Demure, but a quick learner.

You are someone who can be trusted,
I know that I can count on you when am deserted.
I think at last I have found someone,
Who is different from everyone.

Someone with whom I can share my problems,
I know you will never judge me even if I throw tantrums.
I have been forever listening to everyone,
But I had never really found a real chum.

                                                                                         I don’t think you need any grooming,
                                                                                         Your personality is in itself so alluring.
                                                                                         You are the most awesome friend I have on the planet,
                                                                                         You’re one of the best things that this sad world has to offer!

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