Sunday, May 24, 2015

#MustHaves Budget-Friendly Footwear to get you through all occasions!

Fashion and Footwear go hand in hand! But sometimes, comfort and trend can come for a very high price. So, I did some random research and found these amazing footwear under Rs.2500 for you to wear on all occasions without causing much dent to your pocket.They are budget-friendly and look so stylish that you won't be able to resist them. The fit is comfortable too. You can check the best fit shoe size for you, here - Zappos. Have a look at the footwear for all occasions now:

1) Home Bound: Funtoes New Fashion Flip Flops for comfort on Flipkart

At home, we want to be as comfortable as we can. Yet, if can wear something trendy, then why not? Flipkart has got this stylish pair of flip flops which is comfortable and has oodles of style. This will keep you relaxed when you walk around your home in them.

Price: Rs.189
Buy it here

2) Shopping Spree: Behold The Princess on Street Style Store

Shopping Time, ladies... and of course we need flats for that. Why? Because we are on a spree, we need to walk endlessly till we find the best stuff for us, right? These beautiful flats from Street Style Store will make you look trendy and yet let you walk for long without worrying about the comfort.

Price: Rs.499
Buy it here.

3) Sports Shoes: Niio C-201 Running Shoes on Flipkart

Of course, we girls are fitness freaks, aren't we? So going out for jogging and want to look chic, here are the perfect shoes for you to keep you company while you lose some kilos.

Price: Rs.399
Buy it here.

4) Hangout with your Friends: Criss Cross & Magical on Street Style Store

Friends are your best critics. You need to look your best and stay updated in front of them. Show them your funky side with these gorgeous looking sandals that look so seamlessly chic and irresistible. You can pair them with almost anything and look fashionable.

Price: Rs.699
Buy it here.

5) Work Ready: Plosh Heels on Flipkart

Formals are a must for offices. And yes, you can look stylish at your work place by getting your feet in these shiny pumps. Oh look at them, how beautiful they are!

Price: Rs.1123
Buy it here.

6) Winter Boots: Lara Karen Ankle-Length Coffee Boots on Jabong

I love this color, it lifts my mood somehow. The new chic color - Coffee is all you want for winters. Designed with perfection, this boot from Lara Karen is a must in your collection. The brand guarantees to keep your feet comfortable throughout the day. It will be a perfect pick to complete your chic look for a wintry day.

Price: Rs.2099
Buy it here.

7) Bling on a Date: Heart wants it all - Gold on Street Style Store

Look 'Red Hot Chic' on a date and steal his heart. Pair your red/gold dress with this footwear and cruise on a date in style. Street Style Store is known for its perfection and care that they put in their work that won't let you regret your choice. 

Price: Rs.699
Buy it here.

8) College Calling: Sassy Girl Oxfords on Street Style Store

College happens to be the best time for everyone. It can involve a lot of experimenting with your looks, changing style, going through chic makeover sessions. But at times, a pair of shoes can help solve all your worries by keeping you stylishly happy through all the tedious classes. 

Price: Rs.699
Buy it here.

9) Party Chic: Mocha Crunch Loafer on Street Style Store

Baby Doll main sone di... For gold is the new trend, we shall wear it for the parties. These loafers in gold are all we want this year for rocking the dance floors and capture the centre stage with our moves!

Price: Rs.899
Buy it here.

10) Some more shoes that I loved:

Veronica Boots - Tan - Rs.899 (Buy it here).

Motorcycle Ankle Boots - Black - Rs.899 (Buy it here).

Joe Lace Up Boots - Rs.999 (Buy it here).

Go shop your heart's content!

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