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Adulterated Love - Book Review

Adulterated Love
By Udita Pal
Review By Ila Garg

Adulterated Love, by a young talent Udita Pal is a book with an attention grabbing title. Published by Gargi Publishers, a fast progressing self-publishing house, the book has an amazing cover. I particularly liked the color, as fiery as love itself. The scribbling like ‘3P disturbs us a lot – Parents Periods Pressure and Hormonal Locha’ further arouse reader interest. The concept is perfectly presented by Amol Karambe. The quality as I have agreed in my previous review is obviously one of the best in the recent book industry.

An 18 year old first year Journalism student at Central University of Jharkhand, Ranchi, Udita Pal was first published in an anthology, Uff Ye Emotions 2, where her coauthored story was featured. Interestingly, I had reviewed the book and liked her story. You can check the review here. A social media addict, she can be found online indulging in talking about her not so interesting life, entertaining others or uploading selfies. Apart from being a typical teenager, she is an avid reader and a blogger. She dreams of being a standup comedian. With Adulterated Love she has marked her literary debut as a solo writer.

The blurb reads as, “We are Forever.
Love - Most beautiful feeling. 
Sex - Most desperate feeling.
School - The temple of education (18+) 
Pregnancy- Outcome of desperation.

Ela was never supposed to fall in love with him. She was an honest lawyer's only daughter and he was corrupt MLA's. From Enemies to Friends to Best friends to Spouses to Strangers, their journey is similar to that of any teenager. But does love come with a personal handbook? Will Suhas drive away Ela from her goal? Does falling in love always have positive consequences?

At a career driven age, will love stand? 

At the age where nothing is cooler than losing virginity, will love manage to conquer? 

At the age where 69 is more than just number, will love try to seep in? 

Join that feeling of being in true love for the first time through this raw and unfiltered tale.” 

With a cheeky tagline ‘WE ARE FOREVER’ the novel says a lot ever before it begins. The authoress has made it a point to expose the reality of this generation’s love. The story opens with a perfectly written Author’s Note that says in clear words that love doesn’t exist in this age.

Relationships are easy to make but difficult to accommodate these days. The story moves around Ela and Suhas and their almost perfect fairytale romance. It goes from how they met, to how they ended up fighting with each other and how they finally became friends.

Adulterated Love is a journey of Ela and Suhas and illustrates how they fell for each other, how they realized different priorities of life. How they fell apart due to the different callings and how they eventually realized each other’s value.

The only thing that seemed a little incomplete was the climax. Overall, a great effort at her age, though the language has a lot of scope for improvement. I guess young readers will definitely enjoy indulging in this book.

The 143 page book contains a prologue, 20 chapters and an epilogue. The story is quite touching. It will make your heart melt with love. The way Ela’s character has been described is what I really loved. I also liked how Udita has divided the book in 3 Acts – Before relationship, During relationship, and After relationship.

I also loved the use of hashtags and the pointers.

‘Yay’ Factors: The plot, and the characters.

‘Nay’ Factors: The climax could have been more shaped up.

This is a very quick read, probably 2-3 hours would be enough to read it. Perfect during travelling or late nights! I recommend this book to all those who want something light to read, especially the new readers. Best wishes to her for her future works!

Ratings: 3.5/5

Buying Link: Infibeam

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