Sunday, November 9, 2014

Scarred For Life, Healed Forever!

What are these strange visions? What is wrong in her head? Why does she get strange feelings before incidents happen?

Nishtha Vaidya is a survivor of a terrible natural calamity. Not only does she live on with a survivor’s guilt, her mind is still there, on the ill-fated day and she could never come out of it. Just when things are beginning to get better gradually in the safe and cozy life in vibrant lifestyle of Gujarat - Nishtha starts getting strange visions and headaches. Life is taking her back two years in time and she finds herself running around the state, saving different and unknown lives from mortal peril.

Will Nishtha get answers to these mind boggling questions? Will Nishtha be able to pay tribute to her friends whom she lost? Has her untold love story got anything to do with it at all? Will Nishtha ever unburden herself?

About the Author

Ashwati Menon, though is a native from Kerala, is born and brought up in Gujarat. Writing came early in life and started writing at young age of 8 years. The journey began with short poems and hence on, it has been an upward climb towards trying new style of writing. Currently, she is working in IT Software Company as a Project Manager and has three years of work experience. Education included a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Computers. Her favorite hobbies include reading, dancing and playing guitar. Also she has published her first novel under the author name “Anita Raghav” titled “Let Me Sleep!” 

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The story begins in the peaceful streets of Ahmedabad and occasionally travels down the memory lane of Nishtha as she remembers her life in Australia when she had gone as an exchange student. The fateful Tsunami rips off Australia and Nishtha loses all her friends and her yet-to-be-started love life. Back to where she belongs, Nishtha finds it difficult to adjust to living itself after undergoing treatment for almost a year. She soon finds that her mind is still in hyper active state and that she gets strange sensations and feelings before any calamity or near-death situation is going to happen in a gruesome way.

Nishtha wants to know why it is happening but before that she has to put her ghosts to rest. But will she be able to do so? What can give her peace? Is there a rational and a scientific explanation to what’s wrong with her? Will she ever be able to get back to the normal Gujarat life that she had lived or is the nightmare going to haunt her forever?

Title: Scarred For Life, Healed Forever 
Publisher: Gargi Publishers 
Author: Ashwati Menon
Edition: Paperback 
Language: English 
Page: 128 
ISBN: 9788192960999

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