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When a Laywer walks down the aisle - Book Review

When a Lawyer walks down the aisle
By Amrita Suresh
Review By Ila Garg

When a Lawyer walks down the aisle, is a novel by the writer Amrita Suresh, who is earlier known for When a Lawyer falls in Love. The book is published by Radiance Publications. The cover is simple and soothing to the eyes. The title is attractive too. Use of bright colours and image of two penguins in a wedding dress, add to the reader’s interest.

There is no proper blurb. The author’s bio is missing too, as well as the acknowledgement. The presentation of this book is not up to the mark and it left me disappointed. Yet, I somehow began reading and my opinion gradually began to change.

When a Lawyer walks down the aisle, revolves around a young group of lawyers namely Sonali, Ankur, Vyas, Souvik, and Jaishree. From the very first page, the novelist manages to capture the reader interest.

The story begins at a graveyard and the spookiness continues till the end. In that sense, the novel is a blend of serious and comical episodes. It’s a witty ride of culprit-hunting, who was the murderer of an octogenarian lady. An insight into the lives of lawyers working on a case which is full of mysteries and perfectly involves supernatural elements as well as the old forgotten knowledge of Upanishads, Hindu Mythology, Zen Buddhism, and Psychometry. A fresh tale, with a refreshing plot that doesn’t bore you for even a microsecond.

However, not further revealing the plot, I would like to mention that this tale doesn’t involve solely the lawyers. We have several struggling actors too and we have villians, we have common people, we even have a candle light march. It has so many subtle plots woven in it that you can’t help but enjoy the book. Apart from the solving of one major murder case, it has given a balanced space to misunderstandings, life of struggling actors, theatre groups, haunted house, friendship, love, divorce cases, and a message to live life when you can.

The book has more to it than meets the eye. It somehow retains the element of humor from beginning till the end. It makes you wonder about the author’s background and how she managed to say this much in such a short space. The author, Amrita Suresh, in that way seemed well read to me and left me impressed! I was awestruck to read several bold lines and the mention of things like porn. And on top of it, the secret fairy revealed to me that the author is a proud mother of a very naughty kid!

The too many twists and turns in the case, is just one of the reasons you want to keep turning the pages to find out what happens in When a Lawyer walks down the aisle. Another reason that would keep you glued to it would be the couple of Souvik and Jaishree and what their future will be.

This 164 page book is not a regular tale. The book has a few grammatical errors, punctuations missing and several spelling errors too. The books lacks in proofreading and a proper typeset. There are major name goof ups too like Aditi Adithi, and Sonu Sonlu. Apart from this, it is very entertaining and brings to forth some real life problems too which we need to understand to live life happily and cherish the rare moments. For me it was a quick read, as I completed the novel in some 2-3 hours. 

‘Yay’ Factors: The story line and the characters. 

‘Nay’ Factors: The presentation of the book. The proofreading and editing errors. 

My Verdict: To find out whether Ankur, Vyas, Sonali and the others are able to solve the case or not, Jaishree and Souvik unite or not, what happens to Mrs. Shireen Lakdawala, who is Tara Bhansal, does Pavan manages to fulfill his dream of becoming the lead actor, and is Vyas able to find his compatible partner; you will have to read the novel, When a Lawyer walks down the aisle. 

I would like to wish the author all the best for future endeavors. 

Ratings: 3.75/5 (I would have given it a 4 or 4.25 if the proofreading was done properly and the presentation was taken care of.)

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  1. I liked the way, author, Amrita Suresh has beautifully woven all the characters into The Lawyer's story (Lead Character's story). I was more excited to know what would be the fate of Jaishree and Souvik's marriage life more than the Lead character's story. By the end of the book, I felt justified that the author, Amrita Suresh, has taken enough good care of sliding from in between the characters so as to draw back her readers to every character's attention and not just the Lead ones.