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The Unwanted Shadow - Book Review

The Unwanted Shadow
By Bhaskaryya Deka
Review By Ila Garg

The Unwanted Shadow is a novel by Bhaskaryya Deka, and is published by Half Baked Beans. The print quality isn’t up to the mark though, since I found it difficult to read through few of the pages. The book has an apt cover, you will realise this more as soon as you finish the book. The font used for the title of the book could have been modified though. The title is tempting clearly arousing reader interest.

The author, Bhaskaryya Deka is pursuing B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering at Indian School of Mines. He is an avid reader, with particular interest in Literary Fiction. He owns two blogs where he carries on with his writings. When he is not writing, he likes to spend his time listening to music, hanging out with friends, and travelling. His debut book is titled ‘Caught in a Storm’ published by Zorba Publishers Pvt. Ltd. last year. The Unwanted Shadow is his second book.

The blurb reads as, ‘Leaving home and the memories of his past behind was what Mohan intended to do when he left for Delhi. And he is proven right in his decision, because two years later, he sees his dreams shaping up. For some days, it feels to him like he is in a paradise… marrying the girl of his dreams, becoming a recognized writer. What more can anyone wish for?

But this bliss is destined to end soon. For the darkness is almost upon him, ready to engulf everything he loved in its merciless embrace.

Only one person can save him… A friend, an enemy. An Unwanted Shadow.’

Initial impressions of the book from the title, cover, and the blurb – intriguing thriller! And yes, it lives up to your expectation. This sums up the plot well:

Mohan, a small town boy, is nothing but hopeful when he moves to Delhi to complete his education. After all, this is what he had always planned to do, to take a leap towards his big dreams. And for once he finds his new life to be absolutely lovely, like he has often pictured it would be.

But this good phase doesn't last long. His life is soon shattered to pieces when his first relationship meets a tragic end. A sadness like he had never known before overwhelms him, keeping him wide awake at nights. But it is just the beginning, beginning to a terrible chain of events that would lead him to a deadly confrontation with his own dark past.

Will Mohan be able to overcome this darkness? Will he ever get solace? Or will his innocence be lost in the intense color of blood? 

The way the author has developed the story is indeed something to look out for. Indeed, the second half is far more compelling. But the suspense is well built from the very beginning when the characters are just introduced.

It seems plain in the first half but the plot takes a leap mid-way. The story doesn’t go straight. It complicates with every page. Unexpected twists will keep the readers interested to reach the end. The author takes the readers along with him in Mohan’s journey and shocks them with some revelations in between and finally leaves them gasping.

The storyline is captured well and the author hasn’t much disappointed the readers. What happens after he takes a stand against his own father and decides to leave for Delhi makes the base of the story.

The 166 page book is a perfect quick read where readers should be prepared to expect the unexpected. I mainly loved the book because of the plot that is so different from the league. In the scenario where Indian Fiction is flooded with themes of romance, The Unwanted Shadow is a relief by emerging as a thriller that will shake you from within. The urge to reach the climax, kept me hooked all the time. The language and pace is comfortable for all the readers. A satisfactory work by the author.

The too many twists in the plot is just one of the reasons you want to keep turning the pages to find out what happens in The Unwanted Shadow. To find out whether Mohan is able to survive in Delhi or not, how he falls in love, is he able to marry her, what obstacles come in his path and how he manages to face them, does he ever return to his hometown, how does the marriage affect him, who is this unwanted shadow that never seem to leave him, what consequences is he subjected to because of this unwanted shadow; you will have to read the novel, The Unwanted Shadow.

The book is undoubtedly a nice read. It kept me glued. Nowhere was I bored, and for this the author deserves an applause. I recommend this book to all those who are tired of reading the usual romance fictions, to those who love this particular genre, and to those who are looking for something to read during their travel time.

‘Yay’ Factors: The cover, story line, narrative, a completely different theme, unusual revelations, title, dialogues.

‘Nay’ Factors: The beginning could have been more appealing, initial chapters somehow seemed lighter.

Kudos to the author for daring to tread the road less travelled!

Rating: 4/5

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