Thursday, April 17, 2014

This life is to be lived alone...

Searching in my delusional world,
In enormous atrocities I'm curled.
Yet vainly I look for it,
I hope to get it before I quit.

Deep inside I know what it means to me,
Yet I question; to be or not to be.
The answer part is not easy,
Engulfing me in a deep frenzy.

I know the key lies within,
To be in love is not a sin.
And yet I want to stop now,
As my heart doesn't allow.

It wants to remain a stone,
This life is to be lived alone.

I have seen  its good side,
But the bad images play in my mind.
It has made me smile, laugh, and dance too,
However, it has also left me with no clue.

I acknowledge that it has given me a lot, but oh,
It's the pain that it has given me in plenty though.
I remember being with my knight in shining armour;
in those arms that are my safe harbour.

And yet my heart refuses to mellow down,
I guess the reasons is the frown.
How can it hurt the one it loves?
So it moves on and shoves.

The one I was looking for remains unknown,
And this life is to be lived alone...

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