Thursday, March 13, 2014

Moonlit Matinee - Reviews

Book Reviews of Moonlit Matinee by prolific bloggers:-

(1) Himani Gupta - It is a worth reading Anthology with mixture of stories and poems. All the authors have wonderfully contributed in the book.
Ratings - 4 Stars 

(2) Sandeep Sharma - I loved the story and the concept. Writing style is also very good.
Ratings - 4.5 Stars for Ehsaas- The Feeling & The Lyrics of Lavish Rain and 4 Stars for the Rosemary Letters and 3.5 to 3 for rest of the stories

(3) "With its beautiful cover design and least typo errors, I loved moonlit matinee and love takes over...Giving it 3.5/5 !" says Abhishek Sharma, a prolific blogger.

(4) Priyanka Batra Harjai - The fourteen stories are presented like fourteen flavors of the dish called – ‘Love’. Every single story is dipped in romance promising you different flavors such as passion, heartbreak, attraction, respect and much more.
Ratings - 4.5 Stars 

(5) Ammu S Nair - The 14 stories are on different facets of love and it has nice romantic touch to the book.
Ratings - 3.5 Stars

(6) Meghant Parmar - The anthology has a lot of feel and passion in it. The thoughts have been expressed beautifully. The desire to hit the right chord can be seen from many narratives. The experimentation with adding sonnet adds to the beauty of the book. The narration tempo has been maintained in all the stories and editing has been done with a lot of care and taste.
Ratings - 3 Stars

(7) Sharanya Bhattacharya - “Moonlit Matinee- and love takes over”, the name itself seems very appealing to all the people who even have a look at the cover. An amalgamation of 14 stories by 13 handpicked authors makes this book a worth read.
Ratings - 3.5 Stars

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