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Decoding with Binduu Chopra! :)

Born in Ambala, India and raised by her parents Saroj & Rajinder. She connect's with people, makes friends, learns and shares life's experiences, their stories and thoughts. Metaphors, Aura Analysis, Chakra Healing, Creative Healing through Art are some of the healing modalities that she helps her friends take, to assist them on a journey from discovery to resolution; to discover and identify the limiting patterns, heal the negativity, and completely resolve pertinent issues in their lives.

Here she lets her readers have a glimpse in her journey as a writer, future plans, and also discusses about her latest book. Time to get up close and personal:

1. Tell us something about yourself .

Thank you Ila. It feels good being interviewed by a girl of the same age, as the girl who begins her life in my book - The Woman's Code! 
I have played every role from a daughter to a mother in law.  From my parents home to making my own home in 1981, the time I got married to Rajiv, has been a beautiful journey. Managing just a home was not enough for me. This motivated me to look beyond what I was. Every year has beautifully blended into the next and I have seen myself transforming to where I am today.  I am blessed with a handsome son, Robin who is married to his love, Nitasha. We call her ‘Tashan’. My interactions, while my work with people across different cultures has only helped me understand relations better. My faith in God was never as strong as it is today.  I believe in science but wait for miracles to happen. Practising ‘silence’ has brought a lot of changes in me. 

2. Why Author’s Empire? 

I have my trust on Kunal. He appeared to be a very promising boy when I called him up from Delhi, during my last visit to India.  He spoke about Authors Empire India to me. My views about him stay the same today.  He is committed to his work and to his Authors.  I know I have taken the correct decision.  He has been a wonderful guide also.

3. Tell us something about your book? How you figured out the title ‘The Woman’s Code’?  

It all began with my online interactions with ‘young adults’ on relationships and I found that they would discuss their issues  with me for hours. Some got back time and again, each time they required help. This led me to study the subjects deeper and I went back to studies in 2010.  Later, cases I dealt with were related to issues within the four walls of a home, where no one gave an ear to a ‘voice’.  I felt it was important for me to bring out in writing that, how a small issue can lead to something major in life.  The book shall have a PART 2 to it. I am working on it at the moment.  I would not like to take the entire credit to the Title. Kunal helped me with the title of my book. Code here means ‘conduct’ – a way to handle things better.

4. Is there a key person or group that has inspired you in the process of writing?

Writing has been my passion.  I would scribble notes even at school and later my fridge would have musings at random pasted with magnets. I had more time from 2004 when I came to Tanzania, and that is when I started giving myself strict hours to writing.  I may not have published much - but I shall bring it all out slowly.

5. How do you envision your book will impact your readers?  

The story will touch women’s hearts.  They will take the message given in the few pages, that's a very easy read.  Its important for every individual to do what her/his heart desires. This is the only way to happiness.  A woman should not accept a tag of  only a mother, if pushed to be a just a care taker (unless she wants this herself). She has every right to live her dreams and not to succumb to any pressures from her surroundings.  I know after reading this book, my readers would want to read Part 2 also.

6. You are an ‘Aura Analyst.’ Could you, please, throw some light on this aspect of your life, and how did it influence your writing from time to time?  

Keep yourself positive at all times. The Aura is your own energy around you. If you are positive – you will only bring out positivity for all around you too. It works  like a ripple.  It shall have major impact on our daily dealings.  My book is a clear indication as to how its main character, has held herself  well balanced, even when she was left shattered. The character in the story uses no harsh words or foul language to charge / challenge the situation. The message comes through soft words which, I guess comes from my positive Aura Ila.

7. Describe the role books played in your own life.

Mills & Boons, I grew up reading them. I have a mention about this in my book.  I think they had impacted girls of my age then.  I am talking of 30 years back, when you were not even born Ila. I had created my own romantic world at the age of 14!  My home in the evenings is still a reflection of that side of me. DESERT FLOWER written by Waris Dirie is one book that I read many times. It is an autobiography of a Somalian girl who runs away from home at the age of 12, just because she doesn’t want to marry a boy her father has chosen for her. She makes her escape through the dangerous desert to London. From living in a nomad family, with goat and camels she makes herself to a famous International Model and a UN spokeswoman on women's rights in Africa today. I feel a woman is stronger than a man if she brings herself to it.

8. I have been observing you for a while. You are very versatile. Are we going to see the same trend in your writings? Should we expect a second novel soon? 

Ooh! I didn’t know I am being observed that closely. Ha ha! I have called myself a multi tasking woman.  I really could not stick to one particular thing and that also comes from the fact that I have married a man on wheels. Yes! As an Author, when I write, my writings do give glimpses to a few things, majorly in this book as I myself got married at 18.  This is one question that almost all have asked me if its my personal story!  I am working on two projects at the moment: Non Fiction, that is already in editing now.  Part 2 of ‘The Woman’s Code ‘shall be after the next release.

9. How are you planning to promote this book?  

I have taken up my book's marketing also with Authors Empire India.  Right from editing, publishing to marketing is their forte.

10. You are almost 50 now but you look way too young. How did you manage that? 

I touch 50 on the 13th of November, 2013. Thank you, as I accept this compliment. I hope I do not break hearts on declaring my age at this point. Smile is my Manta and it creates a positive Aura around me.  I love what I do & I do what I love. This keeps me happy, smiling and cheerful at all times. It reflects on my outer too!

11. Amm… this is more of a request. Analyse my stars for me please, in detail. *laughs* 

It would be my pleasure to do so.  I am not an astrolger. I believe in Angels and I am surrounded with them.  I shall ask them for you. Expect a detailed mail from me on this.

12. Will Ila Garg get a free signed copy of your book? :P *wink* 

I would never say a No! You will. You may have to wait for my signatures till my visit to Delhi. I will have a few book readings in the coming year too. It would be my pleasure to invite you for the same. Stay blessed.


She was not like most of the Indian women we know and read about! She was not someone who wanted to be confined to the kitchen. the wild teenager didn't want to let go her dreams that got buried when she was married at 18. Filled with love, compassion, and a desire, she started to weave back the threads at 40. 
Will she fulfil her dreams? Will she find her freedom? Or will she find the dust on her furniture more important than the poems in her heart? 
In this intimate and heartfelt story, you will find a women's fight to take possession of her strength and desire. It's a journey that describes  the importance of emotional balance in relationships. It's a journey that describes a woman. It's a journey that describes THE WOMAN'S CODE.

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