Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A talk with Nisha Thakur :)

A freelance copywriter cum screenwriter Nisha B. Thakur lives in Navi Mumbai with her family. She has completed her post graduation in Communication Management. Nisha loves to write poems. Apart from writing she also enjoys cooking, reading novels, watching cinema and surfing the TV. Nisha believes in God, Karma and Karmic connections. ‘First You Plz’ is Nisha’s debut novel.

Here she lets her readers know a little more about herself and her journey as a writer:

1. Tell us something about yourself.

I am simple family person. Work wise I have previously worked as a copy writer and screen writer for various ad agency and a TV channel. Currently I am writing my next novel.

2. What motivated you to pen a romantic story?

I love reading romantic novel and even prefer romantic comedy movies a lot. So my debut had to be a romantic tale.

3. Protagonist Avanti is a Girl of her own dreams. Is it totally fictitious or real character you ever met?

Avanti is too innocent to be true. She is totally a creation of my imagination. Girls these days are very smart and Avanti is too elegant and her immaturity makes the whole book an interesting read.

4. What provoked you to create a website for this book? Where did this idea emerge from?

Website was created with a thought that my readers get all information they desire, require at one place. You can read synopsis, download sample chapters and read media coverage of First You Plz. First You Plz website is

5. How was the response from your readers?

Readers liked the simplicity of the story and many could relate to immaturity of Avanti, like i received letters from few boys saying that they had girlfriends who were as bit immature and girls would easily relate to Avanti ‘s first love and her feelings.

6. How do you take out time for writing?

I am a full time writer. Off writing I take time out to do other stuffs.

7. Divulge something about the plot of the story.

Plot of the story is about immature girl Avanti in love and her way of seeing and interpreting her first love experience with her trademark immaturity. First You Plz is not only a romantic comedy tale of Avanti and Aakash. But is also a friendship story of Avanti, Meenakshi and Rachana. It explores female friendship bonding which you don’t get to read much. Also several book reviewers and readers have an appreciated climax of the book a lot.

8. Share a secret about you.

I am single and am not dating anyone. Anyone interested?? My mobile number is ..hahaha

9. What are other areas of interest in your life?

I love reading and cooking. When I am free, either I am reading or searching some new recipe online.

10. What are your long term plans in literary field? Are you working on your second book?

Yes I am currently writing my second novel. I plan to write for TV, films and also write many fiction novels.

11. Will Ila Garg get a free signed copy of your book? :P

Yes. Very soon. :D


'First You Plz' is a tale of immature girl, Avanti. It is a story of her struggle as she deals with worries of first love. Her journey from realization of the sweet feeling she experiences these days is called Love - her First Love. It is a tale of her secretly nurtured dream and her silent prayer that he will propose her in a very romantic way. It is a tale of her desire that she wants him to say those three magical words to her first.

Although he hasn't shown much interest in her.

Still in her heart she keeps on praying, 'first you plz'… It is Avanti’s journey of ups and downs of her first love and how she exhibits immaturity as she deals with anxieties of her first love.

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