Saturday, October 5, 2013

Millionaire - Book Review

By Dayal Madan
Review By Ila Garg

Millionaire, a beautiful novel by the debutant Dayal Madan is published by Rhythm Books Publication. It’s a self-publishing firm largely and Dayal Madan happens to be the co-founder. I also browsed through the official book trailer on youtube which was made with a lot of creativity. This is the first book by this publication house and the way it is presented to the readers is noticeable. Both the publication house and the book, Millionaire, seem to be promising!

The blurb reads as “Billions of people, with zillions of dreams. Dreams that say I want to be rich, I want to see my favorite car in the garage of my beach-house, I want to have everything I want. It’s true that money can’t buy happiness, ‘cause it is happiness. But do dreams really turn into reality? Can an ordinary life be deciphered to extra-ordinary?Bank balance of hundreds of millions, colossal apartment, resplendent black car, and retirement in the early twenties; he had everything. But it all appeared void to him. He was incomplete without his first and very last vish. The happiness couldn't buy him his vish. Can love be ever so strong that it can overshadow all the luxuries? Is the love he lost ever coming back? What about the promises he made? When he had nothing, he wanted everything. When he had everything, he felt nothing. He was Dev Arora, a multi-millionaire.”

The title Millionaire indicates the book must be about monetary aspects, a corporate world, precisely all about money. But the cover of the book gives a slightly clearer picture. It shows three distorted hearts with Euros, Pounds, Dollars, Rupees, & LOVE.

The story is written in romance genre. I was amazed while reading it as I thought a guy will never be able to pen down the depth of emotions with such a seamless effort, but Dayal Madan proved me wrong. He did a wonderful job with emotions in his book, Milionaire.

Initial story was more or less repetitive and thus predictable. The story revolves around the central character Dev Arora, who has some ambitions and aspirations pre-set for him. He then fell in love with Visha Kapoor, the girl who changed his life completely and then suddenly vanished completely from his life. He was all aloof and then time made him realise his aim to be a millionaire.

But gradually the story started taking twists and turns.

The story in a nutshell, is about sufferings, hurt, undying love, achieving success, be a millionaire, commitment, and many more such themes. The madness of Dev in his love story is a main crux of the book.

The 3-4 poems in the book are well-written and add to the beauty of emotions. The author has good narrative skills. The 203 page book takes you along with it and makes you realise that every love story is not an easy affair. The story is meaningful and the main reason that I loved this book is the dedication of Dev towards Visha. The story had a filmi touch, I almost felt as if I am watching a Hindi flick.

Dayal Madan managed to keep the reader’s interest maintained throughout! The pace of the story is smooth too. The language is easy to comprehend and there would be no difficulty in understanding the plot of the novel. It is an inspirational tale of love adding to its USP.

The too many turmoil of Dev’s love life is just one of the reasons you want to keep turning the pages to find out what happens in Millionaire. To find out whether he survives the absence of Visha in his life, will he be lucky in love, who is Naina, will Naina be able to replace Visha in Dev’s life, happiness in just money or love is essential too; you will have to read the novel, Millionaire.

For a debut writer, Dayal Madan has given a good start to his career. The story line and absence of Visha without any concrete reason kept me glued till the end. Some of the dialogues in the book were actually so touching and close to my heart that I eventually ended up taking snapshots and whatsapping them to a friend of mine. Kudos to the writer for writing such an emotional tale… I recommend this book to all the love birds.

Ratings: 3.7/5

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