Friday, October 18, 2013

Emotional Fool - Book Review

Emotional Fool
By Selva Ganapathy
Review By Ila Garg

Emotional Fool is a book by the debutant writer Selva Ganpathy is published by Notion Press which is a self-publishing firm. The cover of the book is designed by Preeta Suresh. The cover and title are appealing. The cover is an image and a mirror image of a joker, which in combination with the title indicates at the emotional aspect of the novel. It signifies sadness and mockery of love, maybe!

The blurb reads as, ‘The protagonist, Selva narrates his life story - His childhood, his upbringing, friends, travels, college life, career and Priya. The story revolves around Priya, his best friend and confidante who he eventually falls in love with & attempts to court. His sensitive nature leads him to take actions that are a typical & abnormal for people around him. What happens when he continues to let his heart rule his head?’

It is short, precise, to the point and gives the readers a glimpse into the story of the book Emotional Fool. The book is a reflection of the author’s own experiences of life. He has penned down his own good, bad, and indifferent experiences that he went through. The long lasting effect of them can be felt in his words.

The protagonist of the story is Selva himself, and he narrates a tale of his journey of finding his first job from IIT Delhi, his friends, his active work for AID New Delhi and then his own drastic family problems. It also gives a deeper insight into the love and support he got from people around him which helped him to form a certain outlook towards the future. It further moves to his attempts to woo a girl he got attracted to on social networking medium which fails and then finally he comes across Priya.

The 132 page book comprises of 8 chapters, and a prologue. The reason that made this book readable for me is perhaps the innocence with which the author has written about his own life. He has made no attempt to hide anything and spoken about the incidents which occurred with honesty.

He has boldly claimed in his book that the story is not fictional; it is his own story which is a less treaded step too. The straight forward and simple narration makes it reader friendly but the grammatical flaws become an eyesore. Few spelling mistakes further made me despise the book towards the end. It took me around an hour to finish it off. It ends of a hopeful note.

The too many dilemmas of Selva’s life is just one of the reasons you want to keep turning the pages to find out what happens in Emotional Fool. To find out whether Selva gets a decent reply from the girl he tries to woo through social networking or not, whether Priya and he get along well or not, their friendship blossoms or shatters; you will have to read the book which Selva Ganpathy claims to be a blook (where a personal blog is reformatted into a book), Emotional Fool.

Ratings: 2.5/5

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  1. Emotional Fool. A must read book for all the "Soup boys". Well, "Soup Boys" can connect well with the book. :-)
    A book that anyone who has experienced love should read.

    The author Selva Ganapathy, who is a full time volunteer with Aid India, a person who spends a lot of time with Archery practice
    and a person who works in IIT,
    time management would be a big task. But Selva has been a time management guru and I admire him for how he could manage so many things within the same 24 hours
    that everyone of us have.

    The author Selva talks about his childhood, friends, Delhi, IIT, AID India and how life goes on after meeting Priya. Managing With his busy daily routine is
    when love comes in and plays its part in making him very happy and sad as well. Selva talks about the kind of person he is, not interested in love or having a
    girl friend even if he could have one and then gets attracted to a girl on orkut. He just wanted to be friends with her and did manage to get a reply from her
    and how happy he was to talk to her. We can understand why the author names him an Emotional Fool right from here when her talks about this incident. No one
    would wait for a girl's response, that too just to be friends with, for more than a couple of years.

    So what happens for a person like him when he finds love. He talks about how close he was with Priya and how much regards
    he had for her. He liked her for her involvement in volunteering, got to know her better and eventually falls in love with her.
    The response that he got from her and the way things changed for the regular Selva, how no one but for his mother understood that giving an expensive
    gift to a girl, a friend is not to get any attention or to impress her but just his way of expressing his respect for her but all of it just had a withering
    effect on their friendship.

    With emotions tearing Selva, and people's claim that he should not have gifted something very expensive, "Emotional Fool", an apt title and no other title can be
    better. The design of the book cover was equally good. Selva more than being emotional, very bold I should say, to have opened up his story.

    Did Priya ever get back to Selva, a question and an expectation that will make you read all the pages and finish this 130 odd pages within a couple of hours.
    If you knew Selva before, you will know him better with this book and for me, I have very high regards for him now, much more than just a friend before.

    "Emotional Fool" an experience that most of us would have experienced and would love the book for that.