Monday, September 23, 2013

“Meri Aankhon Mein Mohabbat Ke Manjar Hain”

Dinesh Gupta’s “Meri Aankhon Mein Mohabbat Ke Manjar Hain”

A Novel By Dinesh Gupta-spiderorbit

It’s a fact well known that if you go out of the set norms of the society; you will emerge out as highlighted. Dinesh Gupta, a debutant writer, decided to follow the same rebellious attitude as he started off his career as a writer with a Hindi poetry collection titled, “Meri Aankhon Mein Mohabbat Ke Manjar Hain.”

The title makes the readers feel that it is about love. Although it is about two different aspects of love namely: love for your beloved and love for your country.

Inspite of being the mother tongue of Indians, Hindi, is losing its place these days. It is being replaced by English at a fast pace. In such a scenario, Dinesh Gupta’s “Meri Aankhon Mei Mohabbat Ke Manjar Hain” tries to give a new life to Hindi language through the medium of Hindi poetries and shayaris. It is great news that the first three editions of the book have been sold already. It seems like his small effort to revive Hindi has worked.

Hailing from a small town of Madhya Pradesh, he has proved his mettle through his debut book and also stated that he will set his own trends. He is a computer engineer by profession, currently working in Amdocs. His poetry reflects his passion of emotions and the extent to which he feels them.

His book revolves around topics like love, dreams, Indian against corruption and other such things. The mixture of romance and patriotism is the striking feature of his book. Although he has a keen interest in writing about love and bravery but looking at the plight of his fellow countrymen, he decided to write about the turmoil our country is going through, which is a very determined step. The poems of corruption and patriotism have appealed to the readers. The poems have been appreciated by not only the members of the publishing industry but also the readers.

His book is like a fresh breath of air in the industry. It’s a respite for the Hindi lovers. It’s a must read for the poetry and shayari enthusiasts.

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