Sunday, August 11, 2013

She Fell (Fail) In Love...Once Again - Book Review

She Fell (Fail) In Love…Once Again
By Ramesh Tehlani
Review By Ila Garg

The 388 page novel, She Fell (Fail) In Love…Once Again, has been published by Notionpress which is a self-publishing firm. The debut author Ramesh Tehlani, wishes to entertain his readers by sharing his experience of corporate world with real life love stories by mixing imagination and personal development theories.

The cover of this novel is appealing as it depicts a girl looking dejected with certain hope in her eyes. The title is slightly mysterious too.

As I began reading this particularly long novel, I felt as if I’m reading a slightly distorted version of Paulo Coelho’s Eleven Minutes. I was therefore disappointed at first. The initial story was therefore more of a repeat telecast for me. It had nothing new to offer. But soon it began taking turns and got interesting.

She Fell (Fail) In Love…Once Again, is a real life tale of Shreeti Sharma, young girl, working with private bank in small town Ajmer. In search of Mr. Right, she met some people in journey of life and fell in love with them. In expectations of long life bond, she received betrayal with life changing lessons and experiences about Pain, Pleasure, Sex, Spirituality, Social Rules, Ethics, Personal Development, Office Politics etc. After many experiences of failure and betrayal, now she fell in love…once again. This time, will she get long lasting love or will she fail in love, again? In her journey of search she learnt life-changing concepts like: Why Extra Marital Affairs are not wrong... Why Physical Relations without marriage are not wrong... Why women gives sex for love and men gives love for sex... How pain gives pleasure… How to face office politics and recession… How one can increase his/her value in job and society by using ‘Quiwam Theory’ and ‘Why Apple is costlier than Potato Theory’… And other new aspects of life…

This novel in a way explores various bold realities in the evil world we are living in. Themes that are taboo are discussed in the course of this novel. The author has skilfully tackled the complexity of the protagonist’s character.

The author has written a brilliant climax of the story that keeps the readers glued till the very end. The too many failures of Shreeti’s love life is just one of the reasons you want to keep turning the pages to find out what happens in She Fell (Fail) In Love…Once Again. It took me a little more time than usual to read this complete novel as it gets too heavy as you enter into Shreeti’s world full of struggles. Her story makes you cry and wonder how men can be this cruel.

To find out whether Shreeti finally gets her Mr. Right or not, what happens to her family, how she keeps earning her livelihood, does she finally gets settled, her belief in love strengthens towards the end or she remains shattered, her father’s predictions were true or was she able to carve her own destiny, does she gets a happy ending or not; you will have to read the novel, She Fell (Fail) In Love…Once Again.

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