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In Conversation With Rajbir Gill :)

Twenty years of commissioned service as a helicopter pilot of the Indian Navy. Retired as a Commander. Followed by couple of years in Offshore fleet of Merchant Navy as a Captain. At present running own construction company. Last but not the least, have taken time out to write romantic fiction, manuscript of first three novels completed yet to be published. In spare time he often writes poetry. 

Here he lets his readers know a little more about himself and his journey as a writer:

1. When did you realise your writing talent?

Answer: From as long as I remember I have been jotting down thoughts and ideas in a diary. During my naval career I did not get time to give shape to these. After taking premature retirement from the Navy, I joined the merchant navy. It was here that I got time to put my thoughts together.

About twenty years back it was during one of those sailings that I started writing in the true sense, and completed my debut novel – In Pursuit of the Woman.

2. Describe the role books play in your life?

Answer: Books tend to transport you to another world especially when reading romantic fiction. Normal life is quite stressful nowadays. Books do provide the much needed relief.

3. Do you try to write without letting your personal biased opinions interfere?

Answer: I do full justice to the character that I am writing about. My personal opinions will distort the character that I am building up, so I do not let my personal biased opinions interfere in my writing.

4. What made you choose Author’s Empire?

Answer: Around the time I was ready to approach a publisher for my debut novel I happened to come in contact with Mr Kunal Marathe. He had selected the first set of books for publication during the year 2013. I offered to send the manuscript for his perusal. Although he had selected the number of books to be published in the year 2013, but he was magnanimous and decided to accommodate me immediately and decided to publish my book.

5. What is your muse behind your book?

Answer: Ever since I started jotting down my ideas and thoughts in a diary, a faint picture of my muse started forming in my mind. With passage of time this picture grew sharper and clearer. Till one fine day it was crystal clear. My muse is the product of my own imagination only.

6. If you were to describe your book in one line, what would it be?

Answer: The elixir of life is love; the book is about that very elixir.

7. How do you feel when someone disagrees with something you have written?

Answer: No two human beings in this world would agree on any one subject. We do have our own opinions and I do respect the opinion of others. Hence I take this difference of opinion in my stride.

8. What do you think is your biggest strength when it comes to writing?

Answer: Telling the story through my characters in dialogue form is my biggest strength. Reason being, when story has a long descriptive paragraph it tends to slow down the momentum of the story. That is something I feel is not desirable.

9. How was the journey in this writing field so far?

Answer: The journey so far has been most fascinating. My debut book has already been released. Manuscript of next two books is ready. Busy with the fourth manuscript. Life couldn’t be better.

10. What is the toughest part of writing a book?

Answer: Writing an emotional scene wherein one of the characters is on the death bed, as the characters that are being depicted are very close to the heart of the author. I as an author do go through all the emotions that are being written about. This at times becomes tough to put down in words.

A novel by Rajbir Gill and Author's Empire Publications.
"A mature love story that garners attention through all its twists and turns."
- Ishaan Lalit


It is correctly said that there is neither a time nor place for true love; one can be struck by its magic any time, especially if one is in a place like Goascenic and romantic. When Lieutenant Dev, a young and dashing naval pilot meets Suman during her college tour to Goa, his feeling of love and tenderness towards her, which he had not thought possible otherwise, grips him.

The two soulmates spend an idyllic time lost in each others company, oblivious to the world. Life could not have been better.

But destiny always has something else in store; it stands in the way where we want to go or what we plan to do. The road of true love is rather a pebbled pathone faces difficulty at every step. In Devs case, the ghost of past relationships surface, which threatens to rip his loyalties apart.

If Dev and Suman were to be torn apart, then why did destiny bring her to his doorstep and made them fall in love with each other?

Standing on life's crossroads, Dev struggles to find a definite answer to his destiny's cruel twist.

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