Thursday, March 2, 2017

I lose it all...

I cry, I smile, I rise, I fall,
And then slowly, I lose it all.
I feel sadness around me,
Engulfing me, I don't feel free.
Deep down my heart is hollow,
So much sadness, that it can't swallow.
It pinches, it cringes, It is shattered now,
Though its hard, but I am surviving somehow.

Bomb blasts, blood sheds, all around,
Inglorious acts have an effect so profound.
Gunshots in the air has left no safe place,
I am sick and tired of seeing this face.

This earth has turned all filthy, rotten curse,
We are only making the conditions worse.
I fear everything, everyone, every day,
How long will we keep bearing this way?

What are we supposed to do?
Sit and wait to die? Cry? Oh no!
No more tears, no more fears.
We have to save ourselves and our dears.

Death is a natural end, it should come naturally,
Men should not bring it to us willingly.
But I just find myself helpless at the mercy of the system,
A system that exists on papers, merely as an idiom.

I cry, I smile, I rise, I fall,
And then slowly, I lose it all.
My mind gets heavy of over thinking,
My eyes tired, sleep - deprived, without blinking.

I can feel myself falling down now,
Because its hard for me to pretend now.
There is an emptiness residing within me,
Someday soon, I hope to break free...

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