Friday, August 9, 2013

As I looked within...I saw!

Walking down the lane,
Viewing the street with disdain.
My mind loaded with so many heavy thoughts,
Questions are there, but answers are not.

I keep moving, dejected,
Evil happenings keep me distracted.
How can I shut my mind?
How can I keep myself denied?

You tell me, can't you see?
What's going on around us? Around me?
Forlorn, lost all happiness,
I stood there in distress.

I looked at the street,
Found it full of blood shed.
I looked at the people at a distance,
Found them crying profusely.

I looked at the nature,
Found it all in an utter mess.
And then I looked within myself,
I was astonished with what I saw there.

I saw a girl weeping,
She had been raped.
I saw a poor man begging,
He was helpless.

I saw a crowd lying in blood,
They were the victims of a bomb blast.
I saw an innocent bride being burnt,
She was the victim of the dowry custom.

I saw a pool of blood and a knife,
A boy had committed suicide tired of the stress, maybe.
I saw a large piece of barren land,
It was the victim of the selfish men.

In addition, I saw accidents, thievery,
And what not! I saw a lot.
And I wondered where are we living?
And my heart cringes with pain.

I feel hollow, I feel bitter,
I feel so unsafe, and I feel dead.
Lost in my oblivion world,
I try in vain to remove this evil somehow.

I shift towards my poetic delusions,
Frantically trying to find an escape route in them.
But am so hurt, so much disturbed,
That even my poetry has started reflecting my pain.

It fails to calm me down,
It fails to bring a smile on my face.
I wish somehow the clock turns around,
And we go back to what we were!

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