Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I detest, I drown, I delve within,
I try and try to climb up.
But every time I just fall.
It hurts, makes me cry in pain.
But I keep moving on.
Fighting my instincts, shuddering,
I keep going against all odds.
My wings are cut now, I lay still,
I am caged, disrupted from my path,
Vehemently, I cringe, I feel hollow,
Dusk to dawn, I shed enormous tears,

And then stand and fall again.
I am trapped yet I stay strong,
Power of thoughts keep me going on.
Hurdles interrupt my imagination,
And I feel so lost, so misguided,
I wish to be found now.
Before I give up and breakdown,
Winds blowing, are turning into storms,
I desire to be saved now.
And reach a safe abode.
Ups and downs waver me,
I look up at the horizon,
And wish for you to come!

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